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Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)


Hide when Minimized on Taskbar (Windows 8)

Windows 8 - Is the option gone to hide Spotify on the taskbar when minimized? 

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I updated my wrapper program (WitchMaster Creations Spotify Wrapper) for Spotify to work with the latest update. It should work in Windows XP, Win7 and Win8 and it also supports playback control from rigth-clicking the system tray icon.

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Just wanted to say, I'm glad this was added back in.


Thanks for listening 🙂

Saw your comment just reinstalled the client, I'm just a little pussled as to why they choose to hide the option to close to system tray.

It should be the default behavior.

But it is really great that they added the feature back in, but it did take them quite a while.

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