How do I sort playlists in the updated Spotify 2020?

How do I sort playlists in the updated Spotify 2020?








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How do I sort my playlists in the UPDATED Spotify desktop windows? The sort feature that used to be on top of the playlists are no longer there. I've searched everywhere for the answer but I either get at outdated answer or nothing at all. I also saw this website that's supposed to help you sort your playlists on Spotify ( but it doesn't seem to stick. Do you have to have premium to use this website to sort your playlist?

It's ridiculous that Spotify doesn't let you sort your playlists with just a click of a button anymore.....

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I have the same problem, also I can not select multiple tracks


I just downloaded the Spotify app to my HP laptop and I'm having the same issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times, but no help. My desktop and 2 android phones have the sorting feature. I don't understand this.

I may have to contact customer service if no one has an answer to this.

I contacted customer service via twitter and after several videos explaining what is happening they just directed me to this , they didn’t actually solved the problem



I don't see a link from you to view.


This started when I created a premium family account yesterday. It seems that my family member has the free version screen with some but not all premium features.

There is no friend pane on the right side and the left side has very minimal information. No sorting columns either, just like free Spotify.

I need to tell them this when I get back with them.

I don't see any settings that could help me.

Same issue here. Premium account with Spotify Windows 10 client version
Cannot choose multiple songs in playlist. Annoying to remove songs one by one.
Cannot sort playlists.


I use Spotify premium on my desktop pc and can't sort or filter within my library since the last update, too.

Additionally i can't rearrange the Songs "Next up" and "Next in Queue".

Since i use these functions a lot i will return to spotify free if there is no solution.

I have been in contact with the Spotify techs and they tell me they are working on my issue.

Spotify tells me they are working on my issue. Maybe you should contact them too so they see it's a real issue.


Hello Jkidless,

thank you 😉, I already contacted Spotify, I just don't know if it was the right communication line 🤔

But good to hear that they're already aware of the issue 👍

I was on chat for 2-1/2 hrs one night.
Now we are responding by email after I got a case number.


Apparently currently the only option to "opt out" of this upgrade is to have your current account deleted and playlists etc. transferred to a new account. It's an account level "feature". See recent posts in the thread I linked.


If this is an issue for you as it is for many others (including myself) please consider voting for the following idea over @


If this massive downgrade to the desktop client sticks and gets rolled out broadly my days as a paying Spotify customer are over. 

Thanks, I just voted. This just started when I joined the family plan and sent an invitation to join. After she joined, her player version changed. She can log into my account and the full version player comes back. So right now I'm paying for the family plan with limited features on one member. It's crazy.


I have this issue as well and it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon.


I did some digging and it seems like they are performing testing with various users where we are switched to the web app version from the native desktop app (edit: or switched from an old desktop client to the new version).


This means we no longer have access to features like sorting or multi-select, which I find infuriating because I use both of these multiple times a day. This is a big reason why I'm paying for premium - music libraray management. I feel like it's only fair to allow us to switch back if this is being forced upon paying customers.


It seems like this is intentional from Spotify and not everyone is experiencing it. Hope this helps.



I currently have an open ticket on this issue with Spotify techs.

I keep being reassured I will be updated as soon as they have an answer.

I'm not to confident though. It these techs can't figure it out, who can??

I'll post anything if I get an answer.



Had the same problem too.  Solved it by uninstalling the new version and downloading/installing the old version.  Download the old but good version here:


Old Spotify version




Thanks for your reply, but this is just happening on one of my family accounts. Spotify is working on this issue.


This problem occurs only for those who auto updated to the latest version of Spotify. If you haven't updated to the latest one then you're fine. That's why the solution is to downgrade back to the older version if you want the sorting feature back. Cheers!


This did the trick. I´d almost given up on Spotify and their new "improved" features. Thanks! 

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