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How to fix Spotify when it keeps saying 'error-dialog.generic.body'?

How to fix Spotify when it keeps saying 'error-dialog.generic.body'?

Windows 10
Spotify app
Basically, after I download Spotify and log in, it will say 'error-dialog.generic.header', with 'error-dialog.generic.body' under it. There is also a green box saying 'fatal-error.generic-label' which I can click, but when I do click it, it just comes back to the same exact screen.
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I'm getting this same issue as well.

Win10 desktop app, version 1.199.878.0, as of Nov 24, 2022.

2022-11-24 12_40_48.jpg

same problem i have as i redownloaded spotify as of 25th November 2022.


Getting the same error.

Same here it was working a while ago I keep reinstalling and installing but to no avail. The desktop version works just fine for now but I much prefer the inhouse app.

Same problem here. The desktop app used to say that it had failed to connect. I reinstalled and now it gives this message:





OS: Windows10 - 22H2

Screenshot 2022-11-26 115736.png

Same here, so how do we fix it? What, do Spotify?! 

I got the same error and behavior as previous people in this post. I tried to exit the Windows 10 Spotify app, disconnect my VPN, and then start the Spotify app again. It worked. So my conclusion is that Spotify has started to block us VPN users and that it's time to find a competitor to Spotify or go back to file sharing mp3 files again because blocking us VPN users is unacceptable behavior.

Same here. App is unusable

Just reset the app if you have windows 11
Go to app & settings -> Search "Spotify" -> Repair Option
app & settings -> Search "Spotify" -> RESET -> Login Again 

same problem

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 5.34.41 PM.png

Hi all, had the same issue. Solved it by clicking on the three dots at the top left of the spotify app on Windows, click 'File', and make sure Spotify is on 'Online Mode' as opposed to 'Offline mode'. That did the trick for me. Switched it off a few days ago because I had bad wifi connection and didn't want Spotify to drain it whilst playing downloaded playlist. Good luck!

worked for me, thank you!


Thanks, it worked for me too.


same, this's bullshjt app😃



Same error here.


I'm getting the same error, and I am NOT on a VPN, and I AM in online mode... 

For me this was related to a local WiFi network i was connect to redirecting http traffic to some login page, i turned on a VPN to ensure traffic was not redirected and spotifuggle started working again

Check out julbod6042  Answer

it worked. thank you so much.

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