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How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop?

How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop?








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How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop? In the mobile app they are alphabetically sorted automatically, so they should be able to sort the same way on the desktop version, right? but how?

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I see the problem and I think I know how to solve it. If you are on your desktop version of Spotify, I'm sure you can click and drag on each playlist to alphabetize them yourself. 


I hope your problem is fixed!

Thanks!! That does work. It's just pretty tedious when you have over 100 playlists saved. I was hoping spotify would have a sort option but they must not.

If you search here you will find people have been asking about this REPEATEDLY since 2012 but nothing has changed with the desktop UI. Every so often someone posts this request and Spotify responds with "you can already do that!," and instructions on how to (obviously) sort *within* playlists by artist alphabetically. Then they close the thread. But as a 7+ year premium subscriber I have NEVER seen a legitimate response to this question from Spotify that explains why we cannot have an option to sort the playlist *listing* itself alphabetically on the desktop UI.
It's basic functionality: I have 100+ playlists and am not going to spend an hour moving them all around manually-- why can't the programmers add this *basic* functionality? and why have so many requests to do so been either ignored or intentionally misread to mean something else?

Well said! And I concur, this is a very basic functionality that should be pretty easy to incorporate. I'm sure a lot of premium subscribers would appreciate it! I use spotify at work on my desktop everyday.

Well, this has indeed been asked many times before and there was no answer ever that worked. Could Spotify ever admit that this cannot be done !!! or answer with a real receipe. Maybe Spotify teams never really read questions and leave it to the users to haggle it out by themselves. I specify that this concerns the Windows desktop and not the mobile apps. Android apps of Spotify do allow the ordering of playlists alphabetically, but not not the Windows desktop app !!

Also a premium subscriber for many years, I think it's obvious and I'm not being snarky towards you at all:  bottom line - they just don't care about the desktop app users, we're dinosaurs in their world.  They focus on the mobile apps for their target customer.

This is not a solution! Basic functionality and it should be one click. This is kind of hilarious, actually .

I hear computers are very good at sorting things.


In fact I've heard they actively enjoy it and makes them inaudibly ping with joy when doing it.


Sort it out for chrissakes, this must be in the top 10 spotify "feature" wishlist.

I suspected this, and I think it is time for me to look for an alternative to spotify

That's why  we have this community, because Spotify has no intention of fixing things or helping users, they want our money, but don't want to make the effort to do the things we ask for years! They just don't care anymore, or they're broke and short of personnel. 

Well, I use mostly the movil version on tablets and cellphones (have several of each), but sometimes I use the PC version because I have two computers connected to a **bleep** of a great sound recording studio gear and it sounds so much better than any little speaker or headphones, no matter how good or expensive they are! I just want to be able to admin my playlists as I see fit, no matter in which of my devices I want to listen to my music. We're not dinosaurs. We're paying customers and deserve to be heard and our needs to be solved.

I guess I'm going D E E Z E R  next, they're giving away 3 free months of premium service. There's also Ap P Le music that I got for less than US$2.oo a month (student account) and Spotify is seriously lacking in several aspects of the service. 

I agree with everyone that has previously said it can't really be an issue to add the possibility to sort playlists in the Desktop client as well (I am on MAC, but AFAIK, it's equally poor support for this in MAC).


So, how can we go about and do a petition for this support?

How about starting a thread on their FaceBook page?

hi JNyquist, you`re right! Enough of this fruitless questioning within the forum. Facebook should be a way to project the question outside the Spotify forum. The problem being not only the technical problem of a missing procedure to sort one`s playlists alphabetically on the desktop controller (Mac & PC),  but the fact that the technical teams of Spotify never react/help/solve with problems that have been going on unsolved for YEARS.

Unfortunately I do not have FaceBook. So, anybody willing to transfer this to FaceBook, is welcome.

This is kind of dumb they don't allow this.  


With that being said they have folders on desktop (do they have this on mobile? I haven't figured out how to do it if so). I'm just guessing but I think they probably want you to group playlists in folders instead of one big alphabetical list. If you were dragging playlists into a folder though, it's a lot easier to keep it alphabetically organized. 


With that being's still just bad playlist organization is this confusing after all this time that's gone by. 

With a hundred++ playlists one is most likely avoiding having to go through the manual folder creation.

That's not a reason yet to migrate to another music streaming service, after all, you can use android or iPad/iPhone mobile gear as music controllers, where playlists can be switched to automatic alphabetic order. The procedure to achieve this is described in various internet sites and in Spotify itself: > Your Library > Playlists > Filters > Name.

And that works well on the iPhone but it can’t be implemented on a Windows
desktop. Since my speakers are hardwired to the desktop this is a problem.
Sent from My IPhone. Please excuse any typos as well as the brevity of this

I don't think there is any way of starting a thread or post for suggestions/issues on their Facebook page, I just checked. I'm not too sure how we could project this to another source that would actually gain support and get their attention. They sure don't make it easy.

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