How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop?


How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop?

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How to sort my playlists alphabetically on desktop? In the mobile app they are alphabetically sorted automatically, so they should be able to sort the same way on the desktop version, right? but how?


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Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback on this to us here on the Community.


We'll be passing on your thoughts to the right team here and in the meantime we'd recommend keeping an eye on this idea to read more about this and for update!


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Hey folks, 


Thanks for your comments. 


We know that this is something that would be nice to have, and this is why we encourage you to vote for certain ideas. 


We understand where you're coming from, and will make sure to pass your feedback on to the right folks. For now, the manual arrangement is still an option. 


Lastly, due to the tone of these posts, we'll be locking this thread.



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I swear I was able to sort my playlists alphabetically before. My playlists are alphabetical except for the last 10 I added/made which are just dumped to the top of the list.


There's multiple threads asking this same question that are years old. It's insane that Spotify hasn't added/fixed this feature.

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5 year old request!  I truly don't understand what the h*ll is going on with Spotify and its developers.  As a developer, I know sorting a list is an extremely simple piece of code.  They don't want to include just because they don't care about Windows Desktop users.   

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Yes, they really shouldn't mark this as 'solved' given I would hardly call manually dragging and dropping the order of playlists we follow as tools to sort playlists.  Disappointing there is not ways to sort playlists alphabetically, by duration, perhaps by predominant genre. etc. 

And no, before the low IQ hijack this thread, I am NOT referring to sorting tracks WITHIN a playlist.

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you can keep your rude remarks to yourself. i am one of your "low IQ" i got
confused by the question and i personally wanted to sort my songs in
playlists. you know it wont be solved any time soon so instead of
complaining about it, get to work hun.

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Hey Spotify! Any chance you can plz stop bs-ing yourself and us users by saying this is "Solved"?

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On desktop Spotify, 

1. Click on your playlist

2. Where it says Title, Artist, Album, Date and Song Length

3. Click on Title 

4. A little arrow should pop up next to title and click it and it should sort your playlist by the title. 

(you can also sort it by artist, album, date and song length)

Annotation 2020-09-08 085809.png

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Thanks for the feedback but that's not quite the ask. Can you do the same
for the list of playlists - i.e. sort them alphanumerically without having
to click and drag?

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I know that, I misunderstood what was asked. I'm not sure how to sort the
playlists. Sorry

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This is about sorting PLAYLISTS, not songs within a PLAYLIST. We
understand that bit already.

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Well Jeez, I misunderstood, you don't have to be like that.

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I'm not being like anything, I was clarifying the issue.  We appreciate your help, but it's a solution that we are already aware of for individual songs inside a playlist, and not the solution to the problem of the playlists themselves.

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Sorting manually is a poor solution for those of us with >100 playlists. As a new subscriber who imported my playlists from another service, I'm disappointed to see them all out of order. Please implement playlist sorting.


This is kind of dumb they don't allow this.  


With that being said they have folders on desktop (do they have this on mobile? I haven't figured out how to do it if so). I'm just guessing but I think they probably want you to group playlists in folders instead of one big alphabetical list. If you were dragging playlists into a folder though, it's a lot easier to keep it alphabetically organized. 


With that being's still just bad playlist organization is this confusing after all this time that's gone by. 

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With a hundred++ playlists one is most likely avoiding having to go through the manual folder creation.

If you search here you will find people have been asking about this REPEATEDLY since 2012 but nothing has changed with the desktop UI. Every so often someone posts this request and Spotify responds with "you can already do that!," and instructions on how to (obviously) sort *within* playlists by artist alphabetically. Then they close the thread. But as a 7+ year premium subscriber I have NEVER seen a legitimate response to this question from Spotify that explains why we cannot have an option to sort the playlist *listing* itself alphabetically on the desktop UI.
It's basic functionality: I have 100+ playlists and am not going to spend an hour moving them all around manually-- why can't the programmers add this *basic* functionality? and why have so many requests to do so been either ignored or intentionally misread to mean something else?

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Well said. I am a new user from apple music and find this is a gross oversight. How can they ignore this simple fix? Maddening. 

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Spotify's UI is not great at all. It seems that they don't take user feedback seriously enough to make simple and important changes to be made. I'm trying out Apple Music.

I suspected this, and I think it is time for me to look for an alternative to spotify

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That's not a reason yet to migrate to another music streaming service, after all, you can use android or iPad/iPhone mobile gear as music controllers, where playlists can be switched to automatic alphabetic order. The procedure to achieve this is described in various internet sites and in Spotify itself: > Your Library > Playlists > Filters > Name.