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I can't change my profile picture. Help!


I can't change my profile picture. Help!

So, i've been using Spotify premium for a few months. The thought of sharing your favorite playlists with other people and personalizing your account was amazing, i tried to upload a picture to my profile. It didn't accept my pictures, so i tried a random picture just to see if i can upload. It did. But i can't change it now and i've tried every way to change it, i deleted the app on my laptop and re-download it, i've tried it on a different laptop etc. Nothing worked. Please help me.


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Recieved application update. Photo is fixed now.  Thank you!

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Guys, Spotify just released an update. You can change it now! Hope this works, as it did for me!

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Success at last! The BLUE DOT appeared (next to username in top right corner of desktop) and, when I clicked on the drop-down, it allowed me to install update. Once done, the "Change" option under my profile pic allowed me to remove it...AT LAST!!! Thanks Spotify and THANKS COMMUNITY for alerting them via this thread 😄 Good Luck to everybody else on here.

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It's finally fixed! Thanks Spotify!

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I have noticed that on my other laptop my lenovo the spotify application on that does not let me change my profile picture on spotify but if i go onto my alienware laptop and again open the application it then allows me to change my profile picture... Ummm im not sure why.

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66 Replies

I have the same problem too, really annoying lol. 

I have the same problem.

Same problem.

In the Windows Desktop app when I highlight my picture the word "Change" shows up, but clicking it does nothing. It did work once before, but I want to change my picture and now it refuses to let me do so 😞

So far I've tried the following but nothing fixed it:

1) logging out and back in

2) uninstalling and reinstalling the app

3) disconnecting from facebook and trying.

The same, click on change do nothing

I have the same problem and I have a mac

I have the same problem! Spotify needs to fix it soon.

I can't even remove my picture. Please fix this. I won't upgrade to premium if I can't even remove a picture I don't like.

I have the same problem. I used to change profile pic every week, i can confirm it stopped working 2 weeks ago.


Yeah, I have the same problem as well. Changed my profile picture this morning and now when I click "change" nothing happens. Spotify should get this fixed. 

I have the exact same problem. I tried a random picture from my desktop as my profile pic and now it's stuck there. This needs to be fixed. I'm using a MacBook.

I have the exact same problem, it's really annoying! 

download older version and change profile photo (

Try changing it on desktop, hopefully that solves the issue!

Saved my life!

Got the same issue on my Mac and I can't download older versions as nothing happens when I'm trying the above procedure.



Same problem. Tried changing it on Windows desktop, clicking the "Change" does nothing. Clearly a bug in Spotify, they need to fix it pronto. 

Shouldn't have to download an old version, they just need to fix it.

I have the exact same problem. I'm using a Windows laptop and I've tried everything suggested after emailing spotify but nothing works. Please fix this!!!!!!

When I try to click "change" on my icon on my profile, nothing happens... I've been trying to change my avatar on and off for a couple hours now. Can we please get this bug fixed? (I'm using the Spotify application on Macbook)

yeah! me 2! I got this problem and even the new updates haved adressed it!!!

so mad.

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