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Label search not working on Desktop player

Label search not working on Desktop player

The Avanced label search is not working on the Desktop player (win 10 64bit) but is working fine on the web player.

Screenshot (159).png
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Spotify is always adding/removing features to make using Spotify a better overall experience for their users. Right now only "artist:", "album:", and "track:" are available as search options.

However, if you would like, you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


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So why leave it in web player??

Plus it seams to be silly to just remove feachers.

Hello @gizzmo123456


For your concern, please, give your vote to this live idea :


More it will collect votes more there is a chance to get the advanced search back.


Thanks for your contribution 🙂

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HOW ON EARTH does removing "label:" search option improve experience of users??!!

What kind of lie it is? How dare you to tell such blatant thing?


What am I even paying for, this is really getting annoying for anyone interested in music, and this is what Damon Krukowski in his Pitchfork article exactly meant. You totally strip music out of its context, which is record labels in this case.

I know, that for your main income source artists record label means nothing, but indie record labels which I am listening to are something more, and there's certain quality and distinctive style assigned to each of them. 


This "improvement" really hit my nerves.


adyry, this is how i feel to. they certinly havent improved my experience by makeing it harder for me to find new music that i want to listen to. 

Also its realy inconsistent that it still works in web player (hence, why i thought it was not working) but still, shorly Spotify should be making all there applications as consistent as possible. 


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