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Lyrics feature unavailable


Lyrics feature unavailable

Hey Community!
Just a heads up that our Lyrics feature on desktop is currently unavailable as we're making some big improvements to the feature. We'll share more updates soon. 
We can also confirm our partnership with Musixmatch is ending. It was a great partnership and there is mutual respect between both companies as our business strategies move us each in different directions.
iOS users can get lyrics and annotations on some tracks via our partnership with Genius. Check out the info here
Please share any feedback you have here in the Community. Feel free to vote for this idea too. 
1,005 Replies

unbelivable that Spotify did not put this feeature again...  seriously I hate spotify because of this, I will be happy when Spotify breakdown.

Well, seems they are bot going to move.


Apologies for my lack of updates but i have been having behind the scenes conversations with parties that are interested in highlighting this issue as it appears this isnt the only place Spotify have chosen to simply ignore customers after making promises they then abandon and ignore regardless of customer feeling or question.


I cannot reveal the next steps else Spotify may take action to try and block it, but i do now have an escalation agreement with 2 3rd parties where Spotify are going to be directly asked for a comment before public release of this and other content they are ignoring.


In order to maintain a fair approach (their request not mine!), i was asked to make the above comments to give Spotify a final chance to rectify this lack of communication and blatant disregard of its customers. Heres hoping! 


Now for my personal comments on it!


Spotify, Please do fail this update. From what i have seen and heard, this is going to be a complete embarassment, and a public one with evidence besides these forum poists you may start deleting (useless, i have taken screenshots!).


I sincerely hope you continue the behaviour, it is about time you got shown up for ignoring your customers in this way!


I am hoping i will be able to update you all before this all goes up, but if not, please be patient, i promise you, it is going to bite them!



Paul - great work..!! Thanks for addressing this issue and confronting Spotify.

Lyrics should be available on all platforms.

Best regards

​Thanks Paul. It's about time it was better publicized that Spotify take away features, without notice, that people have paid for. And as for their **bleep**-take of a customer service department...
​Without doubt the worst company I have ever encountered when it comes to customer relations. And what makes it especially frustrating is that years ago they weren't too bad.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback on the Lyrics feature. We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce Lyrics are here!


You can find Lyrics on Free and Premium for users across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV.


To learn more about the roll out and how to access lyrics, view this announcement.



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to allow lyrics to show on all platforms of spotify,... also to bring spotify lite back everything from the design to the features, even being able to merge songs to maintain a smoother transition into different song types and concepts and also to be able to download songs for free i mean is it really helping with everything,, also why would u remove specific songs and viewing types plus why remove the lyrics what's the point , we get ur trying to discriminate against other cultures or genres but no one cares about ur thoughts on the music this is meant to be a listening platform not a draft nor a racial profiling scam!  it's extreme inconvenience , uneducated, and rude to both the artists and fans/listeners what are u trying to achieve exactly by being racial discriminators and scammers by not being inclusive with lyrics on all types... dare i say emphasis on unloyal to say the very least .... either u fix these issues or i shall never and i repeat NEVER use spotify ever again!!!

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