Matching my MP3s

Matching my MP3s

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I'm new to Spotify and wanted to know if there is a way to match my personal library of MP3s (for those MP3s that Spotify has). Similar to what Google Music does, so you can access your MP3s on any device through Spotify. Basically it would recognize the content I own and add those MP3s (if they have them) to my Spotify library. I guess I could do this manually by going through my collection and finding each album on Spotify but this seems unrealistic since I have approx. 4600 MP3s.



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There is 🙂 Follow the steps in this guide to set up local files on your desktop and to sync it to Spotify apps.  

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I have synced my local mp3s on my home desktop but I cannot access them on my phone through the Spotify app. I don't want to carry 4600 mp3sin my phone's memoryI want to access them through Spotify via the Internet.

Hello: If you add in all of your local music files into the desktop app, the app will attempt to match you local content with what is currently available in the spotify service from your listening regions, though a warning sometimes this works good and sometimes does not do so well, all depends on the local file taggings. Local files all greyed out means spotify content was not found as a match to your local music. If local music files added have artist names and album names turned white they are clickable and should take you to those releases in the spotify service that are available to you for streaming. Sometimes a couple of log outs and back in needs to be done to reload the app cache and force the system to link everything possible. Be warned allot of local files can take a good deal of time for the app to deal with. I do my local files manually by draggging and dropping into Your Music under Local Files when I want to add content missing from the spotify service from my own files.

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