Maximize does not work properly

Maximize does not work properly

If I maximize Spotify on Windows 10, it does often not maximize correctly.



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Have you tried to reinstall Spotify? You can read here how to do this 🙂


Let us know what the result is. Looking forward to your reply.


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It's a pity: 99% of first response of any software provider is: reinstall your app/OS/programm. Instead of fixing the issues.

I believe since an update from Spotify I have the same thing. It got introduced in one of the latest 2 releases I'd say. Though I'm not 100% sure, could be a Windows update, but my gut feeling says it's a bug introduced by Spotify.


Here's another guy having the same issue:


Please stop asking people to re-install, it is certainly reproducable and a re-install doesn't solve it. My educated guess is that it is related to scaling. (My display settings: 2736x1824 / scaling: 200%)


Detail: Unzooming and then maximizing the window again does solve it, until it gets minimized to tray again.

Spotify is still the only Windows Applicaton I know, that is not able to maximize correctly.




uninstalling and reinstalling spotify had no effect for me. any advice?

Happens to me too. I use 4K resolution and 100% scaling. If I snap it to any corner, it doesn't remember the size or position between minimizes or on next launch either.  I have run it as administrator, no luck. Yes, I have reinstalled the app... and windows. It persists. Been like this for a while.


Windows 10 Pro 1809



Same issue here

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