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Memory Leak?

Memory Leak?

So I'm currently using v1.0.5.186 and after ~2 days my spotify was using 3,8GB Ram. I restarted the client and after a few hours I'm again close to 1gb. wow.png

Fix it please 🙂

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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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That's really big amount of ram.
Have you tried to reinstall spotify?

1, Uninstall Spotify from "Programs and Features" in Control Panel
2. Remove all spotify folders on your PC
3. Download and run CCleaner, clean and repair your registry.( )
4. Restart your pc.
3. Install the latest version of spotify.
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I know this is not helping, but the fact that you guys keep suggesting clean installations over and over again speaks volumes about the quality of Spotify's software.

Yup, same stuff like "have you tried to turn it off/on". Sad support here. Well, then bye bye Crapify-

Running Spotify v1.0.6.80.g2a801a53 on Windows 7, I run into the same problem, huge memory usage.


I have found a way to replicate this behaviour:

  1. Start up Spotify
  2. * (not sure) Listen to music for some time, ensuring there are some songs in the play history
  3. Go to play queue
  4. Go to history tab
  5. Switch back to play queue tab
  6. Repeat 4&5 indefinitely

Each time I performed step 5 I gained about 40-80 MB of memory usage which was not released until after I closed Spotify entirely.

Any actual help that does not concern reinstalling/cleaning?





Edit: I am using the free version of Spotify, perhaps that is important, like Spotify continuously loading ads?

I tried to recreate that and yeah, it really does increase the memory each time. Not to mention that the History tab make Spotify so laggy—it's unusable.

Is it turns out every button you press just eats more memory. It is like the program does not have a function to release unused memory. Although I agree with the rest that the history tab takes up a substantial amount more when used.


All in all this isn't an issue for me because I have 12GB of RAM. I have left Spotify on for days at a time and it still seems to run fine.



I attatched some pictures from using the "history tab" method. I managed to double the RAM consumption from .5GB to 1GB in under 2 minutes.


it should be noted that I have version


I can confirm there is a memory leak:

After listening spotify for couple of hours the spotify process occupies ~888Mb and grows with the speed of at least 4-8Kb/s.


Just before I entered a forum to put this message it was ~872Mb


PS: As I'm writing this line now it's ~890Mb already and keeps growing.


PPS: as of now, an hour after my initial post, it's ~979Mb and keeps growing.

Could any staff member try and replicate this memory leak as well? I'd like to have this fixed asap.

No, they are busy removing useful features.

Yep, I can confirm the memory problem...


I'm running 1.0.6 on OS X (Mountain Lion), on a Mac with 12GB of RAM. Yesterday, I launched Spotify and listened to about 7 or 8 tracks, then the music stopped. The client was unresponsive, so I checked Activity Monitor and saw this:



Almost 6GB of RAM used out of 12 and 100% CPU usage? Half an hour after launch? Come on guys, this is ridiculous. It is absolutely unacceptable for a music player to use that amount of resources, this has to be fixed. I thought the whole rewrite-disaster was supposed to make the client better... so many features have been removed and STILL the client performs about 100 times worse than version 0.8.5, which is at least 2 years old. You gotta be kidding me.


And before someone recommends the "cure for everything" named reinstall: I have been removing and reinstalling the client 3 or 4 times in the last week because of the memory hogging (and yes, I removed the caches, the plist files, the Application support folder... everything related to Spotify).


Come on Spotify, for the love of god, make this client usable!



PS: I should mention that I was using the new integration with when the above screenshot was taken. For those not aware of it: you can start and control playback in Spotfy via the website, but that shouldn't have any effect on the memory usage.

I've noticed memory leak too in the latest version. I have 4GB RAM, but Spotify regulary consumes up to 1GB and really affects the performance of my PC...

So we have a memory issue that is

  1. Replicable
  2. Not limited to one operating system
  3. Causing problems and at least inconvience for a wide range of Spotify users
  4. Will obviously not be solved by reinstalling

I'd like for the Spotify staff / developers to pick up on this and kill the bug that's causing this, please.

@Koaieus wrote:


I'd like for the Spotify staff / developers to pick up on this and kill the bug that's causing this, please.

^ this. Stability and performance improvements should be a priority for the fine folks at Spotify - I don't need fancy new features, I need a client that behaves and doesn't consume half of the available resources on my machine.


A quick update from my side: thanks to a tip from a mod over at the forum I tried the old trick of leaving the preferences screen open in the Spotify client - and what can I say, I works like a dream. No resource hogging, only 600MB used compared to almost 6GB before (and the client doesn't claim several GB of inactive memory anymore either).




Sure, this workaround might be a no-go for a lot of folks since you cannot actively use the client. But for me it's a compromise I can live with, because I normally start playback and don't look at the client again until I need to switch playlists or something like that. I don't mind having the preferences screen open at all times, especially if it solves the memory issue until the bug gets fixed.

Let's keep posting screenshots of memory usage until they fix it Smiley Happy



Adding my Macbook Pro 15" 2013 macOS Sierra to the mix.

I'm just gonna add that this is still an issue (atleast for me) and this thread is from 2015...


I'm using version: (the new Windows Store app)


This is a really obvious memory leak! How has it not been solved yet?

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