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More options for desktop client would be great...

More options for desktop client would be great...

Admittedly Spotify has taken over as my go to media and music storage solution, being able to use it anywhere between my platforms has proven to be super handy. The thing I wish for the most that it offered would be alternate desktop client/IU complexity options. I am very much a computer super-user and heavy multitasking is my M.O. when I am at my desktop. While the desktop client is clearly the most robust and efficient way to deal with large libraries, I dislike the way that it demands so much of my screen real estate. Even running a multimonitor setup, to keep the desktop application open It really needs at least half of a screen when it could be slimmed down so much more. I would love to see spotify implement an alternative layout option (or even a seperate client). Something along the lines of what some of the old winamp skins did, with simple designs that work great on only a narrow portion of a monitor. Even a copy of the phone interface with playlist contents extended below it would be great. One of my personal favorites back in the day was the mmd3 winamp skin.

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Hi there @suveck

glad your liking spotify. I love it too!

thank you so much for the feedback:) if you like, you could post this idea into the 'Ideas' section of the spotify community page and if it gains enough attention it may just become a reality. The link for it is right here. If that link didn't work you can paste the link below and it will take you directly to the same place.


if you have any other questions or ideas please let me know:) if you liked this reply don't hesitate to give it a 'kudos' or mark the reply as the solution to this thread..

thank you:)

I agree, it needs a somewhat better integration. Or an option to write easy extensions and mods for it.
Then the community can provide skins, etc.


Other than your comment I think it also needs:

- an EQ like on mobile.

- a bigger version of the cover in the bottom left corner

- an option to use a minimized version, like playbuttons in the taskbar, including to see song/atrist name etc ( i know about the limited controls when hoevring the application icon)

- there is no way to find the paylists I created on the left hand side

Kind Regards

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