My Homepage/Recently played has been bugged for a long time now.

My Homepage/Recently played has been bugged for a long time now.







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Hi, I've been having this issue for a very long time now. Since my account was compromised like 2-3 months ago, my home page won't refresh. My 'Recently played' section has been frozen with those silly songs the hacker played (Just to be clear, it was compromised for a very short time, I did everything to stop it, changed password, remove all access from all devices, etc) and my UI is outdated. I tried literally everything I think:

- Asked for help to Spotify support: The agent told me my account was 'bugged' but didn't know why, best solution was to make another Spotify account lol. She even gave a test Spotify account to test if Recently played and home page were working properly, and they did. And the accounts UI was different from mine too.

- Multiple clean installs: Attempted to install older versions, deleted all folders.

- Searched multiple times on the internet possible solutions, anything, I just don't know what else to do. It's so annoying to open Spotify and see those songs I didn't even played frozen for years there and nothing updating anymore.


If anyone could help, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Same here, only that my account hasn't been compromised. Desktop has been showing the same two playlists in recently played for I don't know how long, mobile app shows the same two playlists in the "good morning, evening" section. Support hasn't been helpful. Reinstalls doesn't work. Another account worked fine but I don't want to move everything over to a new account. I want to use the account that I've had for ages.

I don't understand why Spotify support has some sort of a principle that if something is bugged with an account then they won't do anything about it. If a reinstall doesn't work and you're not willing to move over to a new account then they'll just say that they'll let the right folks know and remind you to keep the app updated and that's it. If you're lucky the issue might somehow fix itself or get fixed at some point in the future but nobody knows.

Exactly! I've been having the same exact issue on the "Good morning/evening" section on mobile as well.

It's sad that they are not able to give a proper solution, I don't want to move all my stuff either, even if they do it, I want to keep my account and I don't see why or how they can't fix it since we pay for this service.

Hope it gets fixed or someone is actually able to give us a solution.

Thanks for your response.

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Sometimes specific issues can occur on an account that can't be properly fixed either by troubleshooting or from our Customer Support's end. If their suggestion was to create an new account, that's the best way to go in this specific scenarios, and there isn't much else we can do from our end in the Community.


Apologies for any inconvenience. If you need anything else, we're always a post away.


Take care.

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Really? So disappointing.

Maybe Spotify should consider hiring proper devs to actually fix issues they create themselves.

I understand yes that you in the Community can't do much regarding account related issues but the official support via chat should be able to do or delegate/escalate it to somebody who could. Every issue is fixable but instead of investing time and resources fixing a paying customer's problem they say that the only solution is to create a new account. Sure it would be kind of fine if support could do that in a way where you wouldn't have to do anything yourself. Just log in with new email and password. But as I understand you'd have to follow everybody again (or everybody would have to follow you again. Not sure which one is correct because I've gotten different answers from different support agents). I'm pretty sure that local files in playlists would be missing as well. Listening history and personalized stuff is also gone. You'd have go through the process of re-joining a family subscription. I'm wondering how it would look like if the family plan's manager wanted to switch to a new account. A hassle I bet.

So yeah, having to create a new account or move over to another account is not a real solution to a problem that probably is fixable. It's just that nobody cares.

A similar thing is A/B testing. Somehow accounts are marked for A/B tests and it should be possible to remove an account from a particular A/B tests but as far as I know the official support says that it can't be done.

Yeah, I have the feeling that nobody cares either. Not in the community forums, but Customer support not being able to do anything whatsoever and the best solution they can give is a "You'll have to swap accounts" sounds pretty lazy and bad organization.

Hope they'll listen to their customers for a change and get this issue fixed.

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