My Local Files Duration is Saying Wrong Time?


My Local Files Duration is Saying Wrong Time?

Casual Listener

This is really bothering me. Today I added a new Album to my local files- not only did I have a lot of problems getting all the songs on there (There were 3 songs missing, and i retried at least 4 times, deleting and ripping the disc again etc. I also have some problems with selecting folders for the Local files, but that should wait for its own message.) 

Anyways, I managed to get those 3 songs on the list but now they're not listed to the same album and the duration of the songs say some really long number.. Can't really tell what it says. Infact, there are a lot of duplicate songs on the local files menu that are greyed out, and it says the same numbers. Very distracting... 

Anyways, when I add the 3 songs to a playlist, the total time of it goes from 3hours 21mins to 3,579,142hours 46mins. Anyone know how to fix this? also how to get rid of the other greyed out songs on the local file list? they're not on my pc, so I can't delete em.