New Format Incompatable With Windows 7

New Format Incompatable With Windows 7


My old ASUS laptop PC Notebook died several months ago. I had been using Windows 10 for about one year prior to that. Since that time I have purchased a Dell Latitude Model E5530 which was refurbished. The operating system for my new used laptop is Windows 7. Since there is a hefty cost involved in upgrading to Windows 10, I have decided to stay with Windows 7.


I have been using your excellent free music streaming service for about five years now. With the recent format changes, however, there are several features that have been eliminated, which I used all the time:

1) The artist and album lists are no longer in alphabetical order and there doesn't seem to be any way I can re-order them.

2) When using the playlist, artist or album radio features, there is no listing of the selections being played, only the current song.

3) I have attempted numerous times to set up the desktop player, but when attempting to launch, an error message always comes up!


Please provide some solutions to the above issues at your earliest opportunity. I still love using Spotify!


Best Regards,

Gary H Horton






Gary H Horton
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Problem 1 and 2 would be eliminated when problem 3 is solved. Could you provide a screenshot of the error message?

To your W7 W10 problem. Windows 10 installer still accepts most of the Windows 7 keys. Give it a try within a virtual machine (VMWare Player or Oracle Virtual Box) The Dell E5530 should have enough power to handle a virtual machine.

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