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New desktop UI, how do I change it back to the old?

New desktop UI, how do I change it back to the old?





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Windows 10 

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I signed out of all accounts and came back to my desktop app looking like the Web Player Version, when right before it was the old interface. I can't stand this new interface and have already tried to change it in the "prefs" file, but I may not have entered it right. Is there any way I can get back to the old UI, I despise this one as a frequent Spotify Desktop user since 2013. This UI is much more difficult to roam. 

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Same on Microsoft. Spotify is so nasty to their users sometimes. I really wish they’d give us an option on whether or not we wanted this update. I have never more wanted to switch to another service. 

Yeah it seems they blocked this workaround.


Nice going Spotify. Nobody likes the new UI and now you force feed it to us.

My Spotify app just auto updated itself and now the ui.experience_override workaround does not work any more. What a shame and what a complete lack of respect for your clients. Time to look for an alternative streaming service.

This is really a disgrace. At least give us the chance to use the old one.

Spotify has one of the worst UI's right now. It doesn't even work anymore, It used too. I miss the classic spotify. Much cleaner, Easier to use.

i found if you go down in all the album pictures the is a link "view discography" then click the 3 lines in the upper right. you'll have to click discography for every artist you go to, but only have to hit the 3 lines the first time. Its super annoying but good lust on getting them to change it back. Its a work around.

I really don't know how long I'll keep using Spotify with this horrible user interface. From last update the mod in prefs don't work.

Thank you for that tip, but unfortunately it's only partial workaround. You can not choose to play albums and singles & Ep's at the same time, you can only choose one or the other. Autoplay doesn't work when all songs have been played, even though this setting is set to "on" on my account.

So we still lack fundamental features of spotify after this update.

I just tried to post a comment about how the mandatory UI change broke Spotify for me and pushed me to apple music and amazon... and the comment failed to post. The website then asked me if I wanted to share my opinions with Spotify and and I said "Sure! Maybe they'll actually listen if I spend my valuable time to provide them with advice! So I entered my suggestions in their tiny 150 character feedback box..... and it rejected it saying there is a limit of 500 characters. :::SIGH::::

So I'm going to post it here, hope that someone in Spotify will read it, and I will move on. Just signed up for Amazon music. Good job Spotify UI and web teams! You have driven away another long time paying customer. Well done! 🙂


The recent UI change broke spotify for me and makes it unusable for the way I listen to music. If I want to listen to all of the songs by an artist, I used to be able to just go to their page, select all songs and queue them. Now I have to go to their albums page, select and queue all the songs on each album, one at a time. Then do the same for LP/EPs. For some artists that can be more than 50+ times! I can't revert the UI change by editing the preferences file anymore, which is just adding insult to injury. At that point I just gave up and joined Amazon music service instead. Thank you for driving me away to your competitor: this way I can get lossless audio now (instead of some vague time in the future) and pay less too!
Also, are your UI designers aware that the feedback window displays about 75 characters, less than half of a text message. This seems designed to keep the comments short, but it really just annoys your customers who are trying to help you out. (Aha! I turns out I was correct!) 
One last UI comment: what the heck is going on with the way you handle which song to play next in the queue? Where a "queued" song always plays before a song in a playlist or album. I know you've always done it this way and I see how this *could* be useful to people train themselves to think in this way, but it just doesn't doesn't make sense intuitively and doesn't work the way every other music app does. Just give me a list of songs and let me choose to play them after the current song or add them to the end of the queue.
One final thing with the new UI: when you reorder songs in the queue, it won't scroll the queue up anymore. You have to move the songs up, scroll the window up more, then move the song up again, scroll the window up again, etc... This is exasperating! I don't know if this is a bug or another inexplicable UI choice, but it basically makes reordering songs impossible. You have one job! If doing the most basic queue organization is a tedious chore, you have failed.
Thank you for your time: I really hope someone in the UI design team gets this feedback and fixes these experience breaking and obvious issues. This is all about the Windows application @ July 2021. Cheers!



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