New web player doesnt work !

New web player doesnt work !

The new version o f web player with black icon just doesnt work at all.

Volume is automatically mute, no sound at all. Press play does nothing. 

Didnt change any settings.  No problems with flash player etc.

Previous verion with green icon worked perfectly .

What can I do ?


(I'v got Chrome or Mozilla, XP SP3) 

(Sorry for bad english)


Thanks for any help!

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Yeeeees.  Just happened when I started it up today.  Noticed black logo.  Songs "start" 12-90 seconds into the track, but never play.  Even when it indicates it's "playing."  No sound.  no progress on the track bar.  Cleared chache.  Restarted computer.  Logged out of spotify.  No change.  C'mon!




Lots of folks are having trouble. I've found something that works for me on my new Linux setup, but it may work for others--as it appears to be a browser issue.


Here's what I posted:

Web Player Workaround (for something went wrong, Reload)

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