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Other devices don't recognise my Spotify Desktop App

Other devices don't recognise my Spotify Desktop App






Self-build PC

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro with newest updates


My Question or Issue

I noticed, that none of my other devices I use Spotify with are recognising my Spotify desktop app. I can't use Spotify Connect with my PS4 or Samsung Smartphone to control Spotify on my PC. But I can, for example, use it between the Phone and the PS4.

Also, Discord isn't recognising Spotify on my PC anymore. It doesn't show when I play music over this.But it does over the Web-Application, when I use Spotify over the web browser. Same goes for Spotify Connect.

I already tried everything suggested in the Troobleshooting post. Updated Windows, re-installed Spotify as an normal desktop programm and tried it with an installation from the Windows Store. Yes, with a clean re-installation. Nothing worked. I also can't tell the exact moment, this didn't work anymore. It worked a time ago perfectly but not anymore.

This leads to the fact, that I theoretically can listen to Spotify on my PC and on another device at the same time and I guess that's not in Spotify's interest either.


I would love to hear some constructive advice. Y'all have a nice day!

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Somebody help? Pleeeeaaaase?

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