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Pause Media Key pauses Youtube instead of Spotfy

Pause Media Key pauses Youtube instead of Spotfy

I have owned my Dell XPS 15 for 2 years. Today when I turn my laptop on and launch spotfy whilst watching a youtube video, my pause media key starts pausing youtube instead of spotfy (I have never been able to pause youtube before with media keys so this is very strange). Can someone help? I just want to be able to pause spotify whilst watching youtube videos with my F5 pause key like before!


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I have the same issue (also Dell XPS 15)! This started only today, and has been playing/pausing random Youtube videos I have open rather than Spotify when I press the play/pause key.

I have both an xps 15 9550 and a custom desktop and they both do this. I think it is simply a part of a new windows update, chrome update, or even simply a update. I have no idea how to change it and I have even tried searching through to find the answer and I couldn't find the answer to this problem.

Happening to me too, Windows 10 and Google Chrome, any update on a fix?

Just started happening to me too. I believe it is part of a new Chrome update. Not sure how to turn off either. This kinda sucks





Paste into chrome, then choose disable from the drop down on the left of the highlighted text.


Alright spotify hook me up with a month of premium plz 😄


**bleep** good job dude, works. Cheers

Works! Thanks.

it worked, thx

You're a HERO it works!

Spotify, hit this guy up with free premium! NOW!

It is happening to me too. Since today.. Whoever is responsible for it, I would be glad to tel him that he really f.ed it up.

Helped me a lot, thanks 



Thanks man you're a god!

I signed in just to tell you, thank you so ****ing much (bleeped cause Idk if spotify will take down my reply due to the word ). I've been sooo annoyed by this and couldn't handle it anymore so I had to keep googling.

Thank you. Works as it used to now!

Jesus youre my savior! Thank you so much! It was so annoying but now its gone. Thanks a lot!

You're a real one man. Thanks! 

Thank you so much! 


thanks brother

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