Playlist Sorting on Desktop App


Playlist Sorting on Desktop App





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Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

I am aware there are sorting options in the mobile app. This suggestion I have is NOT for the mobile app, but the Desktop PC version (NOT MOBILE). (I am also aware there are other posts surrounding this dilemma and I am purposefully creating another post to make it heard.)

A simple right click on a List or Folder and the options to add would be as follows (just like in the Mobile App but on the Desktop (NOT MOBILE):

Sort by: Recently Played; Alphabetically by Title (A-Z); Alphabetically by Title (Z-A); Alphabetically by Artist (A-Z); Alphabetically by Artist (Z-A).

I have seen other posts requesting this feature on the Desktop and all of them have been closed without any regards to implementing and only a reply that says something to the effect that if and when it should be implemented, we will let you know.

Bogus! Please, please try to make this happen! Honestly. You can hire me temporarily and I will be glad to do it myself. I get that not everyone does PC Desktop much these days, but actually, they do. I continue to fail to understand the necessity of being so uptight in regards to your customers needs. Just like the absence of the minimize/restore animations that are present on every single other app/program in windows, BUT NOT SPOTIFY. wth