Repeat Button Shows Incorrect Hover Text


Repeat Button Shows Incorrect Hover Text


When using the desktop version of the player on Windows 10 the repeat button display the incorrect hover text (or mouseover text). The displayed icon for the repeat button is correct. I'm currently using version (Windows Store version) of the desktop player.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Install the above version of the desktop client.

2. Play any playlist.

3. Click the repeat button to cycle through the various repeat options.

4. Observe the displayed hover text when the mouse hovers over the repeat button.


What steps you’ve tried already:
I've tried closing and opening the application again.

Dell Precision T3600, Windows 10 version 1703
Spotify Premuim Account
Spotify Version: (Windows Store version)


I have attached 2 screenshots showing the 2 incorrect instances of hover text.
Possible Solution: Swap the hover text instances for Repeat and Repeat Track so they match the icon.