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Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!


Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!

For some reason the last week I am unable to repeat one song I am not sure what is wrong but I am a premium member and should not be having these problems. I pay monthly so I have the option and now it is taken away from me and I am not okay with this.

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I dont have this option in my Android App.

I can only repeat whole playlist.

Why ?



Hi guys.


Is this a joke? Why can't I repeat one song? The repeat option that shows the (1), indicating that a single song is going to be repeated is gone from all the platforms I use. That is Android phone, pc desktop, web player.


It cant be that this was intentionally removed. What possible reason would justify that change?


I would really love to know because this seems rather ridiculous. Thank you.

Same for me I can’t even play the right songs I want it shuffle and songs play that are not in that playlist how dose that work plus can’t even replay any playlist and I have primium so 

I should not be having these problems my family has them to so fix you app. Sinserly thenightmare21

I have one problem with this and it’s just on my phone not my laptop from the early 2000s and not my iPad from 2013 just my iPhone. Fix it.🙄

This is what all of ares look like playlist or daliy mix or anything even podcast 3573BB77-312E-42C6-A500-AAD37B0B9B87.png

 So think again boy


If you tap the three dots in the top right corner, you’ll find the repeat option there. 


It’s still there. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and then tap the repeat button twice. 


  • Im having the same issue, im likley gonna drop my subscription

I also just found that out and i am also a premium member. 

But then I found it again... 

you can still play playlist and so on on repeat..

just click on a song and then you’ll see 3 dots in the top right Corner. When you click  on these you’ll be able to repeat the song / let the playlist play non stop. 


This is dumb. Why would you move the button?? It doesn't save any more space than when you could click between shuffle and repeat.



I know I also find that dumb as **bleep** .. no one want to shuffle... I want to repeat songs or make sure that my playlist will play again and again and again...
I just don’t understand why they did that...

Thanks for the info!

I don’t know if anyone has replied this, but to repeat just a single song. Click the song you want in the search bar, load the song so it’s in full view (can see the icon for the song). There should be the three dots in the top right hand corner. Thereon you can click the repeat function in the middle. 


Enjoy your music!

I don’t know if this has been posted already. But to make your song loop.

Click the song you want

Put it full screen (so you can see the song cover) 

Click the three dots in the top right hand corner 

Click the loop function in the middle



Happy listening 

This is so stupid and inconvient.  This is a step backward in the interface.  Please, put the repeat button back on the cover album screen!!!!!!  It's doesn't make sense to take the button away.....move buttons around if you have to, but bring back the repeat button!!!!!

I found the option to repeat. If you tap the ( ... ) on the now playing page, it’ll be in the window that pops up! Not missing at all, they moved it!! ♥️🤙🏻

Hi I understand your problem and had the same difficulties.

The solution: go to the top right of the song screen with the three dots. It should pull up a new screen and the repeat button should be available on that screen, just under the song.

I have no idea why Sporify thought the one button they should keep most prominent on the UI is the shuffle button. I know nostalgia is supposed to be very "in" these days, but nobody was feeling nostalgic for the good ol' days before they had Premium.

This is the stupidest design choice and they better roll it back ASAP. This is a deal-breaker.

I am having the same issue.


Edit: I see other users have comment to tap on the ... icon and it's there. I still find this super inconvenient since I listen to songs on repeat one or repeat all way more frequently than I shuffle them.


Also, repeat all as a function is more important than shuffle since it is likely that we will not want to reach back into our pockets and have no music suddenly when we're listening to music. Maybe we've made a short playlist of songs we're going through. This is even more of a nuisance for people living in NYC during commuting hours when trains are literally so packed you can't even reach into your pocket to get your phone out again because everyone is body-to-body.

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