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Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!


Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!

For some reason the last week I am unable to repeat one song I am not sure what is wrong but I am a premium member and should not be having these problems. I pay monthly so I have the option and now it is taken away from me and I am not okay with this.

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I almost never bother posting but this is literally the stupidest change I’ve seen Spotify do. Please put that button back where it was, I don’t want to shuffle the **bleep** thing! 

I have had the same problem, but the button is not actually gone, they just changed its place


First thing you have to do is go to the song you are listening to and go to the three dots on the top right corner. Then you are going to see all the options you had before


i thought this at first too. to repeat one song follow these directions.

1. click on the song you want to repeat

2. in the top right corner of the screen there should be three horizontal dots, click on those

3. click the repeat button on the pop up screen

I found it! Click the three dots in the top right corner and it should be there!

I’m having the same issue, I’m using my iPhone and a laptop. It’s just gone. I’m very upset, we pay a lot of money for Spotify to just remove options. Considering canceling!

I was having the same issue and found that if you go to the song or playlists and tap the 3 dots in the right hand corner there is a repeat button! It seemed to work for me. I don’t like where it is though, was extremely hard to find and overall inconvenient.

You’re absolutely right. There was an app update 3 days ago. I spoke to customer service, and they told me that the repeat options are still available, but have changed to the upper right “...” corner of the tracks.

Guys!!! I found the button!!!!!

Hit the 3 dots on the top right corner while you hear the song and then you see all the options including repeat on your screen!!!!

Thank you guys for the help. I guess they redesigned everything with the last update and expected us to hunt and figure it all out 🤣

My repeat button recently disappeared as well. By clicking the three  dots in a line, you will find the list that says queue and add to playlist, etc. At the top underneath the album cover there’s the repeat button as well as shuffle and go to queue

Please bring it back!!!! 😞

Premium user, android, updated spotify, there is no song repaeat button, stupid idea to get rid of it

Premium user for several years, the main reasons to switch to premium was not to get rid of ads but the ability to put a song on repeat. o m g they just negated the reason why I’m on spotify premium in the first place! 

For THREE YEARS! you've been trying to remove this feature and it just annoys premium users! 


Please bring back and stop screwing around with the basic functionality of a music player!

So I found a way to do it. On the song album there is an option to repeat


It took me so long to find this when my app updated - so frustrating to use now as I regularly use it and I wish it would go back to where it was! 

Same here. I'm using Spotify since a few days, but there is nothing!! Is this only a Premium feature? 


Listen to an album (this is on the app, on iPhone). View the artwork and there is three dots I the top left corner. That should give you the shuffle/repeat/Go To Queue option.

Its the dumbest place to put it. If you’re listening to Spotify in your car, its not even an option as you now have to swipe around and look away from the road.

That's what I've done, but there are no options.


On the second Screenshot is after "clicking" on the three Dots, there must be a line over "Gefällt mir" (Like) with Shuffle and Repeat Options, but you can see, there is nothing. 

You need to be viewing the songs artwork.

So when you are listening to a track, tap the title of it at the bottom between the heart and pause button. Then tap the 3 dots at the top.

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