Right Side Audio 'Louder'

Right Side Audio 'Louder'






PC/HyperX Cloud Revolver S/ASUS Xonar DSX

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Currently I'm experiencing a strange audio balancing issue that I can't find the answer to elsewhere. What's currently happening is when in Spotify (All other programs the audio is correctly balanced between both sides of my headphones. This including audio files that I have locally which when played through Spotify have the issue, but in Window's Media Player work fine). Each song, while using both sides of my headset, favor the right side. Particularly things like vocals. When I use my hardware in my tower to adjust it's about 10% louder on the right side. It's almost like the audio is off center.


What I've done already:

1. Restarted and resetted Spotify.

2. Re-installed Spotify after deleting the cache.

3. Updated my audio card's drivers.

4. Tried different applications (No issue).

5. Tried different headphones (Same issue).

6. Tried same headphones on mobile app (No issue).

7. Tried same headphones on web app (Same issue).

8. Tried local music inside and outside of Spotify (Only inside Spotify the issue persists).

9. Had friend with HyperX Cloud Revolver S's test Spotify (No issue).


Normally I would say it's my own fault, but because it's only Spotify I'm starting here to find an answer.

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