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Ruined Song/Album Organisation

Ruined Song/Album Organisation

Why did Spotify find it necessary to remove individually saved / ticked songs from being listed in the user library in the album section of all platforms except web?

I used to browse my saved/ticked selection of music via albums as I find it's the most convenient way to go through the music.

Now I find that if I haven't saved / ticked the whole album it doesn't show up anymore, and the sometimes only 1 song is buried in a list with a few thousand other songs , its terrible.

I've realised now that I have to and add every single album now even if I don't want all the songs saved / ticked to my account, I don't have any other options, but its tedious and nothing but a hassle

Spotify is one of the few apps I pay a subscription for and this almost ruins it for me. What changes am I to expect next, removal of play pause button? may as well. 

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