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SPOTIFY keeps playing songs that are not on my playlist.


SPOTIFY keeps playing songs that are not on my playlist.






Samsung A52/ PC

Operating System

Android latest, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

This has been happening for long time, but after being on premium for long time I think I have a right to complain.

Spotify keeps playing songs that are not on my list. I only use custom playlists and don't want anything suggested playing while I'm on it. How **bleep** hard is that to do??

Every time my playlist is on shuffle, other songs from for example the same band will be inserted and played on my playlist - which I don't want.

Previous posts on similar subject are marked as solved because solution was:
a) Turn off Autoplay in settings (which I did)
b) Turn "Repeat All" for only playback from the current list - I also have that on.
problem still persist.

so another solutions by some truly tone def helpers on forum say: to reinstall app/update to latest version - which is also done (so you don't have top paste it in your template reply)

I attached a gif to show you that I can recreate this problem on command. As usual problem that is hear from at least 2016 (just by searching Spotify community).
On gif, I first scroll through my playlist to show all album artworks, then I play my playlist and just skip until a track that I don't want on my playlist shows up.




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It's important to note that I am a paying member. I don't know if Spotify started paying people to troll other people on their Facebook page or what, but anytime I have a problem and I post on there, I get harassed by idiots who want to talk shite

I had this problem just now, I went to queue and I cleared my queue and then it finally said in the queue Next from (playlist): not songs next in queue which were songs not in the playlist. If this doesn't help, sorry about that. I just found out how to fix my problem and it worked, hopefully it will for you.

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hey, if its not to late, try going to your queue and clearing it, worked for me.

Old post but I found a solution, on pc I used to use the app that came from the website, after an update it just randomly happened to me, so I logged out and uninstalled the app and downloaded the Microsoft Store version and it just worked


Nope , hasn't worked for me!

ive just removed the app from my computer and install again and it works. 

also, after i removed, i opened it in the web version and there it also worked 🙂 


Hi there I just had this happen to me and I had auto play off but it would not stop playing songs that were not in my playlist. And I shortly found out that my queue was full of random songs. To fix this you need to go to your queue and press clear. Hope this helps others out there. 

For me, it turned out to be the 'Smart Shuffle' feature.  I looked at my Queue and noticed some songs that were not in my playlist that had a green box icon next to them and when I hovered over it, it showed "Smart Shuffle'.  So, I toggled my shuffle indicator and noticed that there are 2 shuffle options, one being 'Smart Shuffle'.  Once I made sure it was on normal shuffle, all was good.  Hope this helps someone.

I have done everything mentioned in this thread and spotify continues to play songs not in my playlist. I am at my wits end. I do not want songs not in my playlist to play. When I want them I will ask for them.

**bleep** you're a keeper!!! Thanks dude!!!

I figured this out on my own but yeah it's definitely this, I never even noticed this was a feature, so I imagine a lot of people aren't aware of it either. It's super easy to miss.


Edit: not sure why the reply button doesn't automatically denote what you're replying to in a comment but for context, this was in response to someone pointing out the Smart Shuffle feature.


you’re a god amongst men thank you bro

This was my problem as well.  My daughter queues up songs for us to listen to in the car and the queue carries over to my home machine.  Thanks for the tip!

ENHANCED SHUFFLE. Tap the shuffle button one more time to turn it off. 

Where is queue on mobile

Hi @Cameron_mills,


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


You'll find the Queue button at the bottom right corner of the Now Playing View:



More info on how the queue works in this article.


Cheers 🤘

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I mostly listen to game osts, and I like using Spotify to do so. However, once a playlist finishes it jumps to another random playlist. Shuffling doesn't reset it to the original playlist, and clicking a song to play causes a completely different song to play instead of the intended one.

(I can't update Spotify bc I use the online version.)

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