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Scrobble to via Proxy VPN not working on windows10 pc client

Scrobble to via Proxy VPN not working on windows10 pc client

Scrobbling to via Proxy/VPN is not working on my windows10 machine.

If I switch off the proxy and establish a direct network connection (not via VPN) it does work, it even scrobbles the cached songs.

Back to VPN/Proxy no scrobbles.


As playback and search is working properly I'd say the the proxy setup within the spotify settings is correct. Setting it manually to http and providing the proxy address works for playback as well as automatic configuration. Just scrobbling does not work.


Please try to fix it.

Can you give more information how the scrobbling is implemented? Which connection is used? Is the proxy taken into account for scrobbling? Could there be a workaround possible on the network-side (vpn/proxy)


Thanks in advance.


Plan Premium

Country Germany

Device PC

Operating System Windows10

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Hey @MrBlubber 


I read around on this and saw someone solving that issue by changing proxy protocol to http instead of https in a file at appdata:

I figure that setting might be visible there for those that use proxy, I don't.


You could try looking if other scrobblers such as the web scrobbler for your browser (Firefox) works under proxy when listening to music on youtube or bandcamp, as well as try Spotify's web client to see if that works.
Note: Spotify web player does not need a scrobbler application, it will use the centralized connection done under settings - applications.


For information on how scrobbling is implemented and is proxy is taken into account you may wish to reach out to Last.FM support. There are also API documentations for scrobbling. It doesn't mention anything about proxies/VPN though.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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Do you use the internal proxy settings in the Spotify desktop app or an external tool? And if I may ask: why do you do this, as Spotify is available in Germany? Do you want to avoid German music recommendations in Spotify? I'm German as well, and it only happens very rarely for me that I have to kick-start Spotify scrobbling either in my connected apps or by running the Spotify web player parallel to the desktop app.


By the way, this feature for Spotify scrobbling connects both accounts via their APIs, so it works independently from the device and app used for Spotify listening.

I use the internal settings of the desktop client. As I wrote I tried entering proxy settings manually as well as automatically mode. I would expect if playback works, then proxy settings should be ok and therefore scrobbling should work too.

I listen to spotify during work on my work laptop which needs the proxy to access internet.


Yes I know that its now connected via APIs. I set this up myself and it works very well when I listen to spotify at home via sonos. It makes absolutely no sense that it doesnt work via desktop client through vpn, but works with direct access. Only the developers will know...

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