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Scrolling too fast in new update~


Scrolling too fast in new update~

So, when the new update of Spotify rolled out, the scrolling got all wierd.  When I scroll through a page, 1 unit of scrolling (one slight turn of the mouse wheel) scrolls an entire page.  Is it just me, or is this happening to everyone?


This is really annoying.  Please fix and set the scrolling to what normal apps are!

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Hi there and welcome to the community,


That's weird. It seems to be working fine on my end.

Have you tried to reboot your pc? It might be a system bug.


If that doesn't help, then try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.


If that still doesn't work for you, then post here below:
Your operating system:

Your Spotify version:
At what part of the app do you have this issue? Playlist, Browse, Friend feed .....


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Exact the same problem here. one scroll wheel "click" scrolls mostly one page down/up. You are not alone. 😉

I have this exact problem as well, on two of my computers.
One of my computers is running Windows 7, and the other Windows 8.

It's not terrible with my laptop's touchpad, as I can scroll very slowly if I want to, but because the standard windows physical mouse wheel is locked to a particular number of lines/screens per scroll, this makes the UI a real pain to navigate on my desktop computer.

Anyone know what's up here? I didn't change any settings with my mouse, just updated spotify. Didn't have this problem before. 

I reinstalled Windows for a different reason and the problem persists. It begun right after the recent Spotify update.
OS: Windows 10 Pro Build 10041 

Spotify Version:

The problem is everywhere: Every playlist, Your Music, Browse, Preferences...

Just want to add that reinstalling Spotify did not solve the problem. I have several computers with different OSes, Mac, Win, Android, but only the Windows 7 machine is affected. Don't know if it's related, but the Spotify logo turned incredibly ugly and pixelated with the same update that messed up the scrolling. Is it perhaps misjudging the platform or screen size or something? ...I mean, if it's both using the wrong logo size and the wrong scroll range...

It should be a bug. See this thread and give Kudos so Spotify will finally fix it:

Essentially Spotify seems to be multiplying the number of lines you are scrolling based on your Control Panel "Mouse" settings, rather than just scrolling the number of lines you specify in the Control Panel. It is fine on touchpad, since touchpad scrolling doesn't scroll by line in the same way as the standard mice do.

Same here. Started after I switched mice though. So perhaps the bug is not having an effect with all hardware. 


Please fix.

I have the exact same problem, one step with scroll is 1page down for me. Please fix this!

Same Problem, was working fine on Windows 7 but started happening on Windows 10.

same problem, is this fixed?

usiing windows 10

Yes, it's been fixed for quite a while now.

No, it still persists on my laptop. Scrolling with touch pad is too fast. Just uppdated to latest version. Still same problem

hello spotify 

it has been more than 3 weeks already of this issue we suffering here please find a solution urgently

it did not work with me this solution because i cant find Elantech in the path

can you help



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