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It seems like the new update has created a serious issue in both my Albums and Songs tab in my Spotify Library. Previously I saved songs from the radio, or singles I enjoyed, or singular songs from particular artists where I didn't enjoy their other work. My albums tab was then for full albums using the 'save' button on an album. The two were quite seperate and it organised my music neatly and as such listening and creating playlists was quick, easy, convenient, everything I needed spotify to be.


However, starting from Monday 11th Feb 2019, all my saved songs now also have a duplicate entry in the Albums tab, with the album appearing and only the single song in it, while all my previously saved albums are now empty, saying 'There are no songs from this album in Your Library'. If I then re-save the empty album, I sometimes end up with a duplicate album - one empty, one full - in my albums tab, and every song from that album also ends up in my songs tab. Meanwhile if I un-save an album with a singular song on it, it removes it from my songs tab as well.


As a result my albums tab is a cluttered mess gunked up with singles and albums with 1 song while all my old saved albums aren't able to be played, and if I try to remedy this I end up over-filling my songs tab with full albums.


Considering I had triple-figures in both tabs, the disorganisation has absolutely destroyed what I used spotify for and I'm honestly looking at cancelling and going somewhere else if this isn't a bug.


Please tell me there's a way to: 
-Re-organize my library

-Re-save all the now-removed albums without a) going through them all manually and b) absolutely packing my songs tab full

-And remove the singles from my Albums tab without removing them from my Songs tab


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I have this issue too. It's occurring on my Android and Macbook so I assume it's a new update that's been pushed rather than a bug.

I always separated my saved single songs under Songs, and then saved my favorite albums under Albums. Now when I go to the Albums tab, it's a mess of all the album covers of the single songs I've saved. And when I hit the 'Save' button on an entire album, it also pushes each individual song to my Songs library.

If this is the way Spotify organizes it now, what is even the point of having separate Songs and Albums tabs? They are the same libraries now, but one is displayed as a list and the other as an array of album covers. This is incredibly frustrating and after 2 years of paying Premium and never having an issue, I'm ready to leave the service if it doesn't get fixed.

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