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Songs will not sync across mobile and desktop

Songs will not sync across mobile and desktop




Scotland, United Kingdom



iPhone Xr (iOS 15.0.2) and Windows 10 x64 Home Edition (10.0.19043)


My Question or Issue

Hello everyone, this is an issue i have been experiencing for about a week or so now. The subject itself sounds easy to fix with some troubleshooting and I have tried and with no luck nothing has worked. The issue is that singular playlists created on mobile dont seem to sync when edited on desktop as i had one playlist yesterday i had made with about 50-60 songs and on desktop only 14 would show up. Then everyone else sees that playlist as having 14 songs including your desktop when on mobile you see the 50 its very confusing lol. It also occurs when trying to change the Cover image, name and bio of the playlist- it doesnt sync. It also has been occuring on both Win Store and web downloaded versions. It also seems to affect the downloading of local files across from desktop over to mobile, it stopped working completely on mobile for me.

I have tried;

Reinstalling on both platforms, clearing the cache upon new windows installation. Re-logging in multiple times, testing out different accounts too. None of these have worked. I also contacted a spotify support agent and they were helpful and tried things on their end but nothing seemed to fix it. I logged into the spotify test account and this issue didnt occur but I didnt have access long enough to see if it happened as another thing i have noticed is that it doesnt affect playlists straight away it takes a few hours or so then it stops syncing. The conclusion the agent came to was to transfer my account, we ended up not doing that as i have now seen multiple reports of this topic in similar conditions on other platforms. I have also tried selecting one of the songs not appearing on desktop to play on my computer from mobile and it just says on the computer- Spotify cannot play this right now as if it is a local file etc.


But i thought i have enough information to share this now, thanks for reading.


4 Replies

Hi @yooin,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting!


The troubleshooting you've performed so far is great, we'd like to get some more information before suggesting any other steps.


To start, you mention this issue happens when the playlist created on mobile doesn't sync after editing it on the desktop app. Does the same happen the other way around, does it sync on your desktop if you edit it on the mobile app?


Also, have you tried to edit the playlist from other devices to see if there's a difference? 


Lastly, please send us the URL of the playlist so we can give it a check from our side.


Keep us posted.

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Please see also this thread:


I am having a similar problem, and I provided the follow-up information you are asking for (e.g., URL for the playlist, it is happening both directions, etc.)

thanks for investigating

Yeah this is exactly my issue too, have you found any work arounds so far? For me i had to recreate the playlists affected or at least for it to sync again. It isnt much of a workaround but its the only solution ive found for now anyway.

Hi folks,


Thank you for your replies.


The team is now aware of this behavior and this is the thread that's handling this specific issue, so please head there and check the troubleshooting steps that have been shared. 


If the issue persists, add to the thread the information that is requested on the first post.


Over there we'll share all updates related to this issue, so please keep an eye on it.



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