Sorting massive playlist by specific terms (artists, words)

Sorting massive playlist by specific terms (artists, words)

Hi all,


I have a massive miscellaneous playlist with more than 7000 tracks.
In previous Spotify's versions, let's say I wanted to listen to Radiohead in shuffle mode and I just needed to do CTRL+F in order to only have their tracks played.
This function is from now on no longer relevant as it only displays the list of searched tracks and that's all.
I could basically sort by artists or albums but if I want to listen songs in shuffle mode, it's just the same problem again and the next played track would be something totally different from this playlist.
I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but any tip would be much appreciated.

Cheers !

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Seems to me that you have the same problem reported HERE.

If so cast a vote a reply with required info. 

Thanks for that. I went to the link you put and voted
I hope they'll sort it in a near future because it's pretty annoying. 

I wouldn't hold my breath but we can hope.

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