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Spotify Doesn't Work

Spotify Doesn't Work




United States



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Windows 10 (formerly known as Windows 7)


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Spotify will not work on my computer at all. About a month ago (or you can pretend it was yesterday, the timeframe doesn't matter) Spotify stopped working on my computer, and by that I mean it won't play any song, regardless of how I use Spotify; Browser Version, Microsoft Store, ETC. It also shows my playlists as not having any songs in them which isn't the case. The problem is definitely only with the computer version of Spotify, not with my account, because on my phone or tablet or whatever it works fine. I'd appreciate a variety of solutions as I've already tried several things but none of them worked, thanks in advance.

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Hi @MartinLorentzon, welcome to the Community!


The issue you're currently having seems to be under investigation.


I recommend you to add your vote and details here so you can have information about further updates.


Have a great day 🙂

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