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Spotify Web Player Doesn't Open

Spotify Web Player Doesn't Open









DELL Desktop / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro


Operating System

Windows 10 / Android 10


My Question or Issue

I was listening to music on my DELL desktop using Google Chrome and suddenly it stopped. I tried refreshing the page, but then it doesn't open anymore. It stays a black page with no information whatsoever. 


So I tried opening the app via my Xiaomi and it works, I opened Google Chrome on my Xiaomi and tried to open the web player, and the same issue appears on my phone: it's just a black page with nothing else. I tried different browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, it still doesn't open, no matter the device I use, it only appears a black page whenever I try to open the web player. 


Also, tried incognito, same issue. 

Tried cleaning navigation data, same issue. 

Restart both devices, same issue.


Can you, please check what seems to be the issue and how/when will it be fixed? 


Thank you in advance,



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Same issue on a chromebook in the United States!

Just was fixed for me!

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