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Spotify app for Windows 10 -Desktop

Spotify app for Windows 10 -Desktop

24bit 96k is my sound settings spotify desktop app refuses to use HDMI since last update.  The web browser-player will utilize HDMI connection for output. My mobile will pick up that it is playing on both the desktop app, and the web browser.  I also can play through my mobile device. Control web app with sound output, and control desktop app but no sound plays of course.  Fix incoming?  


Edit:  I have deleted local cache.   Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063  It will not let me install with uac which it has never done before.  Installing in compatibility mode it uses windows 8.  Transfering control via spotify connect to the desktop app produces the error songs not available blah blah it really means there is no output I think.  Anyway still checking back anyone able to shed some other trouble shooting?

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Bump this still looking for help I am at a loss

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