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Spotify connect doesn't work with iPhone and PC on only one playlist

Spotify connect doesn't work with iPhone and PC on only one playlist


Premium (Family)


United States


iPhone 12/PC

Operating System

IOS 15.5/Windows 10 ver. 10.0.19044


My Question or Issue

When using Spotify connect with my iPhone and PC Spotify will not let me directly pick a song on only one playlist, by this I mean I can still press the next or back button to get a different song and I can even add a song to the queue and get it next but if I click on a songs name in my playlist nothing happens on both PC and iPhone.


This only happens on one playlist and seems to have started about a day ago. One thing to note about the playlist I am trying to play is that it's pretty big, about 200 hours worth of music and I've heard an extensive playlist can mess with Spotify connect but the thing is that It's not like I've added new music to the playlist recently so it has worked with this many songs before.


I've tried updating Spotify on iPhone and deleting and reinstalling Spotify on iPhone and also reinstalling all my playlists again.

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Hey @dAiLyGrInD,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


The issue you're experiencing may very well be related to the size of the playlist.


We've seen similar reports before and this behavior is expected. You can confirm this by copying the playlist into a new one and trying with the new one.


We'd advise you to split the playlist into smaller chunks and see if this helps.


Let us know how that went,





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