Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


So I'm listening to a Radio, a song comes up that I want to add to a playlist, I click on teh album art and select add to playlist select the playlist then BAM music stops, dissapears. I'm rocking a W7 with plenty of memory (8core) NO reason for it to crash.


Also went to play Que to add the song Still crashes


If you can help it would be appreciated cause I'm getting angry.


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Having the same problem running windows 7. I might beable to add on song to a playlist and then the next one it crashes.

I also noticed that if i am online reading something spotify will pop up in full screen when and advertisment pops up in full screen.. It didnt do that a month ago..?

and another thing when I select to play a radio station only the first song album photo will show and the songs following will be photo-less.

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Processor: intel(r) Core (TM) Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz

System type: 32-bit

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My spotify keeps crashing on mac when adding a song to a playlist as well. 



I've also faced several crashes when adding a song to a playlist.

System: Windows 8 Pro 64bits


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Posting here because thread for crashing on DELETING songs was locked with request for new posting to be done here.


Problem: Spotify crashes on deleting a song from a playlist by pressing the "Del" key on the keyboard.


Steps to reproduce: Start a playlist playing. Click any song and press the "Del" key.  Spotify will crash/close immediately. Restart Spotify. The song will be gone from the playlist.


Expected behavior: Deleting songs using the keyboard should work.


Other: I noticed this behaveior for the first time a few days ago, and because I delete tracks from playlists on a regular basis, I suspect this crash on delete behavior was introduced with a recent Spotify update.


Temporary workaround: Right click on the song and select "Delete". Spotify does not crash.


Windows 7 Pro, Spotify

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@Peter wrote:

@sxa wrote:

I am experiencing this same issue on running on xUbuntu 13.04


steve@Voyager:~/Videos$ uname -a
Linux Voyager 3.8.0-30-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 22 20:52:24 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Is there a proper bug tracking mechanism for these

There isn't exactly, but if you could add your crash logs to this topic that is where the developers will be collecting information from. 

Also, even if there was a bug tracker an linux reports would be likely ignored since its not a supported client anyways! 



Peter, that thread is about a different issue though, or should we just view it as the 'spotify crashes' thread?  If so getting it renamed might be a good idea...



Had at least three crashes today while dragging from the "now playing" area to the left into a playlist.
Choosing add from the context menu always works. Should have uploaded a few crash dumps today, but are they ever looked at?

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 X86-64.

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Same problem here, on two different pcs in two areas of the town. Reallly annoying, especially as I pay for a premium service

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By the way it's done the same on Linux mint, so it's not just a windows issue

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I have a sneaky suspicion they are actually relating to the same issue, since it seems to be any playlist change which can trigger this bug. That being said if you want to keep them seperate just post the logs here and I will make sure the developers find them 😉 



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The thread you linked to has a guide to get the crash log from Windows event viewer. As several people in that thread have pointed out, these crashes are not in the event viewer as described. I didn't read through the whole thing to see if someone posted a way to get the logs, (because 900+ people posted, saying 'I have the same problem), but if you know how to do so, please let us know.


BTW: I installed Spotify on another PC in my home, and does the same thing. I can't imagine this bug would be hard for the devs to duplicate. Just let it play for a few minutes and then try deleting a song or two from a playlist.


Same problem also. Im new in Spotify and I love it.




Same issue here. As soon as I add a song to my playlist, crash!


Yeah... same problem. Running Windows 7, plenty of RAM and CPU power, Spotify version

Crashes almost every time I try and add music to a playlist. It's VERY annoying.

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Which crash logs specifically does Spotify need? I found the following crash log /var/crash/_opt_spotify_spotify-client_spotify.1000.crash and I also found a number of .dmp files in ~/.cache/spotify. I know with some software apps .dmp files are only created when crashes occur (core dumps) but since these are in a cache directory I am not sure if they are just normal files. As for the version being un-supported it, I understand that. My reasoning for running this version is that hopefully I will be able to provide logs/input that will help make Spotify for Linux better in the long run. I can certainly live with the occasional crashing/instability towards this goal. I work in the software industry so I understand the need for live Q/A in the field. Best Wishes, sxa

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Same issue with me which really sucks considering I just went premium and I'm attempting to set up my playlists but every few songs I add the thing crashes.

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I thought the problem had ceased for a few hours, but now I'm having it once more after using an old version of Spotify, updating it again and now.... Please do something

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I'm having the same issue on the latest version of Mac OS X running Snow Leopard.


It literally only started happening today. I have not updated Spotify in at least a week.

I'm having the exact same issues as everybody here has mentioned. I'd also like to note that ths program even crashes when a song is added or deleted from a collaborative playlist, regardless if that playlist is being listened to or not by the victim of the crash.


I'm really disappointed in the programmers working for Spotify. A few months back there was an issue involving the play/pause buttons as well as other GI problems that wasn't fixed for MONTHS on Snow Leopard - even though everyone having the issue got the generic "Spotify is aware of the issue, expect a fix soon." I don't understand why these problems keep happening, nor why we can't get some kind of credit for the customers paying for a service being interrupted with buggy errors like this on a normal basis.

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Seriously, can't you just roll us back to the previous version of Spotify as a temporary solution? It is fairly obvious that whatever is going on was caused or at least made considerably worse by the latest update.