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Spotify desktop app for windows 8.1

Spotify desktop app for windows 8.1







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Windows 8.1 64 bit


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I have been searching for solutions for the past two days on this community for the Spotify update version And I usually find a solution within a few hours, even a few work around's that gets me back up and running, now it has become a real problem just doing that now on this community, this community is a mess now trying to find solutions for issues to solve.


A desktop user now gets an OS error message about the program has stopped working, and Microsoft is looking for a solution and then the app closes, and the user can not use it anymore without this same error message, and without doing a clean reinstall of the desktop app each time. I finally got the new update for the desktop app installed and working, only for the problem to return during the next reboot or log in of my machine. I have finally given up looking for a solution for none of them are working i.e. Shut down, log off log back on, uninstall, reinstall, install from another directory the full updated desktop installer, run installation as administrator, which is an odd suggestion to make users do, most programs of importance in Windows always ask's the user to do this all the time, run installer as an admin, but the Spotify desktop app doesn't trigger this necessary important Windows message for the device user to do, run as an admin? I install all programs on this PC as an admin, no one else uses it but me.


I have finally given up looking for a solution now, no one here seems to know what the **bleep** they are talking about with regards to anything with this issue of the latest desktop app update, all of the suggestions only work until the next reboot or log into the machine, and a clean reinstall of the updated desktop app is necessary to get it working. As a last resort, I removed all Spotify files and reinstalled a previous Spotify version installer, as I save them when they are downloaded in the desktop update folder app when an update is released, and back them up in case a Spotify update goes on the fritz, like this one is currently doing. The old installer from Spotify of December runs just fine with no issues, I have now employed an old work around trick to stop the desktop Spotify app from doing it's automatic update process before this happens again each Friday with an app update just when new music drops. What a grand plan you guys have, f-up the desktop just when new music drops on Friday, great planning there guys. The last 4 or 5 updates of the desktop Windows Spotify app has had one issue after another with regards to an update now, is this going to be a current trend until the desktop app no longer works anymore? Has Spotify changed which Spotify desktop apps get a clean proper bug free new update version, and/or is Spotify devs just working on the Windows 10 desktop store app only now? Just asking to see if maybe I should just should switch music streaming services. Which would really suck, as I have been using Spotify since it officially launched in the U.S. and was even a Rock Star at one time, until I moved everything over to a truly new Spotify account instead of a fake one created for facebook linked users, and I lost my Rock Star status from my old user log on being deleted when I dumped facebook. Just wondering if I should cut my losses and just begin all over again with another music streaming service, there are a bunch of them out there now, ya know?


Totally disillusioned with the Spotify service now, Spotify user since 2011.

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