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Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11


Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11



Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

When I maximize Spotify there's a thin gap left over at the bottom which is slightly annoying. You can see it just slightly above the Windows taskbar.



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The issue still persists. The blank space is at the bottom is still there.


Yes, it's the latest version and clean install as well. And it's been around 6 months since the launch of Windows 11, so this is definitely a bug in Spotify Desktop app itself.

Hey folks,


Just wanted to inform you that this has been reported to our tech folks. While we're unable to provide any timeline for a fix at this point, it is something we're aware of and will be kept on our radar.


It will most likely be addressed at a later date with a general optimization patch.

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Same Here.... Windows 10, latest drivers, Spotify version

In my case I have a stacked monitor configuration and every time I open the app, it show maybe a pixel line over the second monitor.




Experiencing the same issue, this should be a fast and easy fix. Not really surprised it's taking ages though...


This exact same issue was reported in the Beta branch way back in 2018 on Windows 10. They didn't properly fix it back then, so don't expect a fix anytime this century.


Only "fix" they did back then was to hide the issue by forcing a 2 pixel high black bar instead. So the root issue was never fixed, nor did they seem interested in solving it properly after that. So I'm not surprised the issue is back now 🙄

5 months later and its still not solved.






DELL Latitude, HP Pavilion

Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10


My Issue

When Spotify Windows app is maximized, there's a transparent line at the bottom of the window. There's a topic with the same issue from 2018. Please, get rid of it.

 This is such a jarring visual glitch, and it makes the Windows app look very amateur. It surely can't be that hard to fix... as someone who works at a product company too, it's crazy to me that this issue has gone unfixed for at least 8 months now.

Screenshot 2022-06-07 231209.png

not 8 months, it has been there for almost 4 years





United Kingdom



Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify leaves a small - one pixel wide - bar of content on the monitor on which it isn't active. This seems to happen randomly when snapped to fill a whole screen and isn't due to me adjusting the window size wrong - this happens when Windows snaps the Spotify application fullscreen and doesn't seem to happen with any other application.


I have tried to demonstrate this in one of the screenshots by placing a black fullscreen on one of my monitors - there is a visible, one pixel wide, line of content that Spotify is pushing onto the other screen (orange because of the content that I have open on Spotify on the other monitor in one screenshot, and in the other it's a full line of white which also happens sometimes).

Screenshot (9).png
Screenshot (7).png

It's been another 4 months since that post, not sure why your top answer says that post is one month ago, are you not planning on fixing it? Happens at 1080p, 1440p on Windows 11 100% scaling.
1440p 100% scaling


1080p 100% scaling



Issue still exists. Fresh install on brand new win11 laptop. 1920x1080. Dual monitor win10 desktop setup is unaffected.

This has been a problem for SOOOOOOOO long. I'm finding threads about this that are almost 2 years old. It can't be THAT hard to fix this, holy s*** guys, get your stuff together. No other app but Spotify has this issue.


And I have the exact same issue on both my computers. This is ridiculous

Any news? It still exists and noone seems to care..

Reported almost a year ago and still no fix?

Have this issue as well, still nothing after almost a year?

It's been a year probably since I had reported this issue, still not fixed.

So now they're A/B testing a redesigned UI. But the problem still remains even in that 😂

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022... they'll fix it any day now


Do yall have actual clowns working on this lol. It's just 1 pixel. Make the app bigger.

Same error in September 2022, it is the only application where I have this problem.

I also have the same problem, it's already been a year, why is this not fixed???

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