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Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11


Spotify desktop app not filling screen / small gap on Windows 11



Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

When I maximize Spotify there's a thin gap left over at the bottom which is slightly annoying. You can see it just slightly above the Windows taskbar.



89 Replies

I have reported this bug on a separate thread and got directed here:

The issue still persists as of 02.02.2023

Marked as solution

I can't believe this is finally happened. 
Just got Spotify () for Windows and it's fixed 🎉

Same here! So happy it finally got fixed 🙂

This is confirmed. Looks good now!

Amazing, it's fixed! Just took them over 2 years.

Wow, it's been so long... now I almost miss that line at the bottom lol 

Oh man, they finally fixed this? I don't believe it haha

Can't update to 1.2.4 yet but definitely looking forward to the new version

Can confirm! No more hiding the taskbar for me. If you can't update, my version was from the windows store, so I updated it through that try that out if needed


Can confirm, in Windows Store version 1.203.1115.0 it's fixed for me, 1440p.
Note that you need to close Spotify for it to be able to update; I always have my PC on hibernate, only checked the store for updates for the first time in a while, and saw it give an error that app is open, so can't update.

3 Years!

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