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Spotify keeps buffering

Spotify keeps buffering

so ive had this issue for a week. Spotify is very slow in search and even when loading music, it takes a very long time. I have this same issue on my laptop, desktop and 2 smartphones.


id like the point out that it is like this on both WiFi and 4G LTE so I am pretty sure this is not on my end. Is there any solution to this?

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Hi there,
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Have you already to tried to logout and login afterwards? Sometimes something simple as this already fixes the problem.


You may also try to fix it by reinstalling Spotify. To do that, please follow the steps in the link below:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify


To reinstall Spotify on Android, please follow all the steps correctly as given in this topic.

I have the same issues too, on my PC and android device. I've uninstalled on both and did a clean installation and it's still buffering on both platform. Would really love some help here.

Where abouts are you located in the world?

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I'm from Singapore. This problem only started like 3 days ago.

yeah from Singapore too. is it possible that the SG server (does that exist?) is overloaded or the ISPs are throttling spotify?

Either are possible although ISP is more likely. I'm asking around for you now.

What ISPs are you with?

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I'm on Star Hub for both my fibre and mobile connections.

Yes I am also on Starhub for both 4G and WiFi

Thanks for the details guys. Is this happening at any particular time of day?

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It's happening throughout the day 24/7. I have no issues with my singtel fibre and 3G just the starhub lines.

Is Star Hub purposely sabotaging spotify because they just launched a similiat service. I've seen similiar complaints on Starhub's service forum.

yeah its 24/7. it isn't just streaming either. It takes forever to load artist profile pages or view albums etc.


edit: because of the slow connection, my spotify music on the desktop got resetted. luckily i starred all the songs too. it came back after awhile but it also deleted all the songs that i saved offline on the mobile app. as of now, the mobile app thinks that there are no songs in my music. logging out and back in or clearing data didnt help.

Hey guys--checking in here. Are you still having trouble with Spotify? If so please let us know!

yup seems to have been fixed now. streaming is perfectly fine at least on desktop

still unable to log into the main page of spotify as the page keeps buffering and loading...

mine keeps on buffering and loading and btw i am using the web player...then i tried to download the app and when i sign a notice box of  "your country does not match the one in your profile' poped out. and i cant change the country setting on the page after multiple tries.

Could you please go to this link and check which country it says? Does it show the country you're currently living in, or something else?

If you see your current country, but you are not able to change it via the my account section, I would suggest you to get in touch with Spotify so they can manually adjust it.


You may get in touch with Spotify via their Twitter page (@SpotifyCares), or by following this link to send an e-mail.
If you send an e-mail, please check your inbox (and spam box) to check for their automatic reply. Once you get it, please reply to it immediatly (even if it's from an no-reply e-mail addres) to make sure an Spotify employee will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm also personally facing this issue, it happens during afternoons on weekdays and evenings during weekends, and the latency will get really bad.

FYI: I'm using StarHub in Singapore as well.

Will escalate this.
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Having a similar problem.

Spotify buffers a lot in certain songs. (maybe unpopular or less known. Example: Iron Mask - Black as Death - From Light Into the Dark)

It also only seems to happen when I enable high quality streaming.

For me the problem occurs randomly 24/7 for about 1-2 months.

The rest like searching is fine most of the time.


I tried reinstalling and different desktop clients (Win7)

My location is germany ISP Vodafone



I did all these procedures and none of them worked. . Then I removed some of my playlists from the available offline mode (ab. 1500 songs), and the buffering stopped completely! Yey! 

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