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Spotify not outputting sound

Spotify not outputting sound




United Kingdom


PC with a GTX970, 16GB RAM & an Intel i5-4960k processor

Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

Recently my Spotify has stopped playing any sound even when a song is playing. I have tried other apps and even the Spotify web player and they all work fine, the issue seems to be with the actual app itself. I have tried almost every solution I could find out on the internet and none of them worked for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am currently at a loss for solutions. p.s. apologies if my grammar is poor English is not my first language.

Solutions I have tried

Clean install of Spotify

Checked volume mixer

Checked device settings

Checked device manager

Checked default ouput device

Installed windows 10 Spotify app

Clearing Spotify cache folder

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