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Spotify on PC being slow and sluggish

Spotify on PC being slow and sluggish



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Win 10

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So my spotify started being sluggish and unresponsive yesterday. Its as if there's an added delay on all the actions that I try to make and it just gets worse the more actions I do. I have tried reinstalling the program but the problem presists. 

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Hey there @alltro,

thanks for posting !


Please uninstall Spotify.

Get a registry cleaner app to scan your computer for traces of bad installations.


It'll also be a good idea to have a PC cleaner scan your computer.

Make sure your system is fully updated and reinstall the app.


There are no known issues of the Spotify app on Win 10 at the moment and as i use it myself.

This might be a system and local issue with the device your using.


Let me know how it goes 😃

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