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Spotify takes ages to pause, skip, change song ect.

Spotify takes ages to pause, skip, change song ect.







Operating System

Windows 10


Using latest spotify downloaded off of the website.


Spotify takes around 10 seconds, sometimes considerably longer, to respond to things like pausing or changing song. Navigating the menus also slows down when this happens. When this issue is present, I cannot control windows spotify via spotify browser. The CPU usage goes up considerably when the problem is occuring, from 0.6% when normal to around 30% when the problem is happening.


12 Replies

Hey there @Snali


Thanks for getting in touch about this and welcome to the Community! 


First up, it's well worth running a clean reinstall of the app to get rid of any cached files that might be causing trouble. Make sure to re-download it from the Microsoft Store


If the issue persists, would you mind checking if the same happens while using a different internet connection? 


Additionally, we'd like to know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update. 

We'll be on the lookout.

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Hiya Eni,


The microsoft store version seems to have the same issue.


The problem goes away when I switch to wifi and comes back when I'm using ethernet.


I'm not sure when exactly when it started happening, but it's not been more than a month.


Thanks for getting back so quick,


Hi @Snali,


Thanks for the reply. Have you encountered this behaviour on any other device or only on this PC? If you haven't tested on other devices, please do so. If possible, please also log in with a different account on the affected PC and see if the behaviour is the same. You can use the account of someone you know or make a new one yourself.


Keep us posted.

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The problem is only on this PC, works fine on my phone. When I logged on with a different account it worked fine as well, but I didn't test it for long. As the problem isn't always present, it can make it hard to test! In any case, it hasn't been playing up as often in the last few days. I'll keep you updated!




Snali im getting the same issue! I reinstalled, did everything. Did you ever fix it?

I'm afraid not. It mostly stopped on its own. It still does it occasionally now for me, not often or long enough to be annoying, so I kind of forgot about it. I think it went away when I changed to wifi, but can't check as I'm ethernet only at the moment. Are you on ethernet too?


Hope you have more luck!

I am having this same exact issue! Somedays I get horrible +10 second lag for start/pause button, jumping to different parts in a song, and skipping. Saw this post and began testing how Spotify would respond to different internet connections and scenarios. Narrowed down that the issue only occurs when directly connected to ethernet. Occurs even for songs that are downloaded and when no other background processes are running. Not an issue with PC hardware. I have an i7 and 16gb ram. For internet I consistently get over 200MBps download speeds and 10MBps upload speeds. When I force Spotify to tunnel through my VPN the issue goes away, but when I turn my VPN off and revert back to just my ethernet the issue returns. Bizarre since the VPN's connection should be the same or worst than just raw ethernet from my router, right? If you have a decent VPN this could be a good temporary fix if you don't want to constantly unplug your ethernet. 

I take back the statement on the VPN working. With more testing I found the issue was still present. When I completely disconnected my PC from internet the lag was resolved for downloaded songs. Night and day comparison with responsiveness for pausing, skipping, etc when internet was disconnected. Frustrating that even though the songs are downloaded I don't get any of the benefits when connected to internet. I read on other forums it's an issue with internet bandwidth. But I don't get it. Everything else like Youtube, gaming, streaming, etc is fine at my 200-300MBps download speeds so why the **bleep** is Spotify like this? I don't want to pay +$10/month on a music subscription where I have to unplug my ethernet cable ever single time I want to listen to music. I hope some of the devs see this and can fix the issue, or at the minimum actually let downloaded songs be played locally while on the internet.

I have the same issue with trying to play/pause/skip songs. It's often very laggy and seems like it's trying to tell a remote server what the action is and it is hanging up somewhere in the process. The commands all eventually complete, but sometimes it's up to a minute later. It's always intermittent, but happens several times a day. I have 1GB up & down so it isn't my internet connection. 


My best guess is the system they use to allow you to listen across devices "seemlessly" is the culprit. Always needing to go to external servers just to play/pause is silly. The commands should be completed locally first and then tell the server what it did. If that isn't the issue then I'm stumped. 🤷🏻

Hey @mdahlke & @rkmacleod,


Could you take a look if the same issue would be observed when you log in with a different account? 
You can create a free one for testing purposes. This way we'll know if the issue is account-related.

Aside from this though, as an alternative to unplugging your internet connection when listening while we try to resolve this, there might be a more convenient workaround -
Download your songs offline, click on the three dots in the top left corner and switch the app to Offline Mode instead:



Hope this eases up the situation a little bit for the time being 🙂
We'll be on the lookout for your replies!

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Switching to offline mode seems to work. I'll keep listening for the day to confirm, but when experiencing the issue and going to "offline mode" play/pause/switching songs is instant with no lag. 

Hey @mdahlke,


Thanks for the additional info.


Did you have the chance to also test this with a different account? The user @Snali confirmed this worked for them so the behavior might be caused by some content saved in your accounts.


Let us know how it goes.

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