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Spotify wont play songs except the songs already in my playlists

Spotify wont play songs except the songs already in my playlists







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi, recently there has occured a problem on my mum´s premium account. She cant play songs that are not in her playlists or favourites. This problem is only on PC, her spotify app on iPad works fine. I was trying to solve this problem and found many solutions here in community. I tried reinstall the app, then I had tried install spotify from Microsoft Store instead of downloading installator from spotify web page. 

Last solution I tried was editing hosts file in System32/drivers/etc folder. But according to guidelines there should be lines containing strings like spotify or fastly in them. Not even one line contained that. There was only hashtag commented lines, two as examples, and two as local hosts. 


So I tried reinstall spotify app and then restart PC. It was working for 20 minutes or so, but then again stops playing songs. Only songs from playlists can be played. 

I did even try to login to my mum´s account from my PC with my spotify app and it works fine on my PC. So problem must be in her computer. But either reinstalling the app or edit hosts file did not work. Her system is fully updated and sound drivers are fine too.  I noticed that when this problem occures her nickname also changes from her nickname to her login name (something like x74ac65df45a).  


Has someone similar problem? Any advice? Thanks.

2 Replies

No one has an idea what is wrong?

The problem is still not solved, not even one person has same issues? 

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