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Strange behavior after turning screen on

Strange behavior after turning screen on






ASUS ZenBook UX410UA (Intel i7-7500U, 16Gb RAM, 256Gb SSD)

Operating System

Windows 10 Home, Version 10.0.17763.503

Spotify (Windows Store version)


My Question or Issue

Hello, I have some problem with the spofity. First I should said that I have installed the latest update of windows, drivers, etc. Spotify is also the latest available version. I have also trying cleaning cache, clear reinstall of Spotify etc.


So the thing is, that after 3 minutes windows turning off the screen. Than afte mouse move (or keyboard press) the screen will turn on again. The problem is that after screen will turn on again Spotify can start playing next song, or start skipping every song with message that Spotify can't play the song (restart helps), or Spotify can just crash...


If the screen is on there is no problem. During the screen is off also no problem. Only the moment of turning screen on causes the problem.


I also tried to change some windows power management options, or turn it to the max. perfomance mode. But it isn't help. Oh, it also doesn't matter if laptop is running on battery, or plugged in. I have also tried to install Spotify from windows store, or normally downoloaded from spotify's web page.


So please, help me to solve this problem. It's annoying 😞




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