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Spoty doesn't work on computer after 1 week of shut down

Spoty doesn't work on computer after 1 week of shut down

So basically I shut down my computer since I was going to Mallorca, just got home today and started to run my computer again is a new computer for about 2500€.


Spoty starts working as fast as the computer runs, but now when I got home it didn't start at all, so I was like "okey" and tried to get it start manuelly, as I noticed nothing happend anyhow I tried I'm asking you what the hell is wrong with this **bleep**, why would it stop working after 1 week of completly shut down? There is no reason for it to stop working.


P.S I haven't re:installed it because the software shouldn't just stop working just because I turn it off for a week.

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Hi alexxor welcome to the community 🙂


Have you followed the Troubleshooting Guide? Let me know if the issue won't resolve after following this guide.

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I cant even uninstall it, wtf do I do?



You should be able to uninstall Spotify via Windows by doing the following.


  • Click start or (windows logo at the bottom left of the screen)
  • Once the menu opens, find control panel, click "Control Panel"
  • Find "Programs", underneath the title it should say "Uninstall a program", click it
  • The computer will then load a list of programs which can be uninstall via this method. 
  • Find Spotify and click "Uninstall" 
  • Uninstall the program

Please note that uninstalling a program, doesn't necessaryly mean that everything from the program has been removed wPlease follow this guide.


After using this guide, try reinstalling Spotify to see if it has solved the issue.

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