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Stop the sync between devices

Stop the sync between devices

I want to prevent Spotify synchronizing between the devices I use. When I'm in the office of in the car I like to listen to certain songs, but while I'm at home on my desktop I want to listen to different sort of music.

Please do not suggest use playlists, because that is not a solution, but merely a workaround. There is no way I will remember at what song I stopped listening on my PC the day before, I just want to resume from where I left off without thinking about it. Thanks in advance

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Hey there @emrecetinel!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for the question.


The way Spotify works now doesn't allow having separate streaming sessions without synchronization between your devices.


As you mention you could create playlists for different occasions and choose the music you'd like to hear on different platforms.


You can take a look at this page to see how to check your listning history on desktop so that you could keep track of the tunes you've played last.


Hopefully this shines some light on the situation. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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This is the least helpful response I have ever seen.  Please allow us to break the queue syncing.  Sure, prevent songs from being played on multiple devices, but don't sync the queues.  Allow us to DISABLE Spotify Connect.  Please!!!!

This is so 2020's: the customer is ignored totally. Not only Spotify but many other companies too.

To break the synchronization, I use v. It plays music OK, but all the other features are missing, e.g. pressing "Discover" will hang the SW.

another solution is to use multiple accounts

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for getting back to us. 


For now it's not possible to disable the queue sync across devices, however, we recommend having a look at this idea suggesting the implementation of such an option. 


You can support the idea by adding your +VOTE and clicking on Subscribe in the three-dots menu at the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up-to-date with any relevant updates about this. It’s also worth knowing that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented. 


We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

I would like to see this too. I listen to different things on different devices way more often than not. On my laptop, primarily used for work, I'm listening to "Study Beats", but if I am in my car, or kitchen, I am listening to podcasts or other types of music.

If the devices weren't synced, I could just hit play and resume the podcast or music track, but when I'm working, I can resume my working music without having to fuss around.

Hey @x0rsw1tch


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it onto the right team. 


We'd recommend adding your +VOTE to the idea that @Ivan suggested. 


We'll be here if anything else comes up. 



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I've voted for the feature as suggested.  Now that it is listed as a "good idea" does that mean it will be implemented or ignored for another 7 years?  Having an "opt out" of this syncing feature in the settings would be such an easy fix that wouldn't impact users who like the sync feature in any way.  I'm at the point where I'm likely to go back to Amazon Music and take my Spotify subscription back to free to listen to podcats because I'm so sick and tired of my playlists or podcasts being interrupted across devices when I switch.

Now the idea is closed. What do we do now?

I fully understand spotify premium is there for a reason, it provides exclusive features exempt from that of the free platform. However, the main reason people purchase premium is to avoid advertisements, play whatever song they want and to listen to music offline. Therefore adding a small feature such as discussed above would make it more accessible and appeal to the large majority of those who use spotify regularly. Instead of the average user seeing these things as inconveniencies, small improvements would greatly add to the feel and overall ease of use of the platform. This will lead to better reviews and customer retention. So on behalf of the people who have given feedback related to this topic, please consider making this adjustment.

Same here, I play music in my office from my computer, then I play podcasts throughout the day and play yet other types of music for my kids at bedtime. All of these are different contexts and there is no point in syncing my music across devices. What you listen to depends on where you are and what you are doing. I can't think of many times throughout my day/week when it be helpful to continue listening to the same stuff continuously. Spotify, listen... to your audience. Pun intended 😉

Please stop device syncing. I dont want to listen interrupt my podcast on desktop I dared to listen to songs on my phone!

EVERY time I have to search for the particular podcast that I was listening to as it switches to songs play list on my desktop.

Please dont be rude to your customers and dust off this concern.


I went for Tidal subscription (although the rest of my family still uses Spotify): better sound quality and - no one messes my play queue anymore 👌 Pity that their player SW still has some quirks; the most annoying one is the quite frequent situation where the same song restarts after being ended - all the info shows the next song, but on the speakers it is the previous one. A skip backwards and then forward cures this however.

This way how Spotify despises their paying customers is obnoxious. This attitude is regrettably common with other big companies too. Luckily enough there are alternatives.

Heh, I came here for the same reason... Been a premium user for years but this has always annoyed me to death. Finally decided to spend some time in searching for a solution.

Now it turns out it was a wish shared by at the very least 900 people - given the amount of upvotes on the idea - and you just close the case.

Have to say that this is extremely surprising for me. There are probably tons of people that want to listen to different songs depending on the device they are using. But apparently we are not allowed to think that way because it doesn't fit the spotify mindset. Perhaps it's getting time to look at competitors.

Wow, the more I become familiar with Spotify, the more I discover its limited and restrictive features.

Mandatory device syncing! LOL that is so dumb. Hostile UX.


Currently I'm listening to a playlist containing a lot of songs. I would like to save my position in the playlist. Can't do it! Consider that on YouTube, we can bookmark a point in the timeline, down to the second and generate a link to that point. But on Spotify, we can't even save or bookmark  "song 42" in a playlist! Ridiculous.


Sometimes I listen using the web player on my desktop computer. It automatically syncs with my mobile device  which is  irritating. It's not what I want to happen because my mobile may have been paused during a different playlist that I'd like to return to when using my mobile.


Imagine treating paying subscribers this way. "We know what's best. You will listen how we want you to listen."

notice your ZERO likes.


LISTEN to your community... your users... YOUR SOURCE OF INCOME!


The very  LAST thing I want is my desktop playing the same music as my phone as they are for completely different environments. Remember, technology  is replicable... the human experience is not. Act accordingly or you will fade with time.

At this point it’s very clear Spotify has no intention of making this feature optional and it’s very annoying. I’m just going to switch to Apple Music bc I’m not purchasing multiple subscriptions just to be able to play different songs on different devices 

I kind of like the idea with the queue syncing, however it doesn't work in the app. It is broken. I listen to alot of poddcasts that may be 3 hours long, and when switching from my computer to my android device it resumes playing where I last played on the android device instead of where I stopped on my computer.
Only way around this, which I mostly forget, is to open Spotify on my android device while still playing on the computer so that it syncs, then stop playing on computer and start playing on android device. Of course this step of actively syncing the devices is often missed and I end up in the middle of something else.

During the work day I listen to Spotify either through the web browser or on the desktop app. However, the Spotify app keeps opening itself on my phone, which subsequently drains my battery. The only way to stop this is to use force stop on my phone, but it's annoying to have to remember to do this every single day (sometimes multiple times a day if I have to close out for lunch and restart) and especially on days when I'm unable to access my phone once the day starts so I just have to resign myself to having a dying battery by the end of the day. How do I stop this from happening??

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