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This track is not available for all tracks


This track is not available for all tracks




Two days ago out of the blue Spotify desktop app started showing "This track is not available" for all the tracks.

I have basically tried all the tips to remedy this problem but without any success.

I did:

- removed sound drivers

- disabled  and reenabled local storage

- disabled high quality streaming

- reinstalled the app

- logged to the app on another computer

- Tweaked sound device settings (disable enhancments etc)


My setup

- Dell Latitude 5450

- Windows 7 Pro 64bit

- Sound playing through dac/amp via usb (tried to play songs without it as well)


Other facts:

- I have premium account

- Spotify works on other machines (computer, tablet, phone)

- On the machine where desktop app does not work I also installed alternative Spotify client - Clementine. After adding my Spotify account it played my playlists without a problem.


This paragraph I would like to dedicate to Spotify desktop app devs.

Being a programmer I can clearly see that the problem is not with machine or OS configuration but with desktop app itself.

Many paying customers reported this issue over the months and the fact that this bug is still present is unacceptable.

Shame on you Spotify devs, shame (bell ringing), shame....



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Installing the older version you've linked to has done the job for me. Happy it's working again but not thrilled at having to use old versions. Thanks a lot for the help.

I had this same problem.  Installed older version and it worked.  However, every time I shut my computer down (at work, daily) and the Spotify starts again, it updates it to the new version.  Any idea on how to stop the automatic update?

Same issue here. Spotify updates then I have to re-install old version.

1. Close Spotify

2. Go to %appdata%\spotify

3. Delete Spotify_new.exe if existing

4. Create a empty text document, rename it to Spotify_new.exe (if you don't see .txt etc. activate file extension's first).

5. Right click on the Spotify_new.exe and go to the properties, set the attribute Read-only.

I don't have spotify_new, only Spotify.exe, SpotifyCrashService.exe, SpotifyLauncher.exe and SpotifyWebHelper.exe.


Which one should I delete?

Awesome, thanks!

reinstalling older version resolved this fror me too.

Actually we have found some hints here.


We have done some testings and we discovered that there is some kind of restriction on the number of people that use spotify at the same time on a shared network. 


Example :

* Guy A is using spotify flawlessly

* Guy B on the same network cannot use it (unavailable track)

* Guy A closes spotify

* Guy B can immediatly use spotify


I don't know how (and how much) it is linked to the network but it is easily and always reproductible.

Downloaded older version and works great! thanks!

Same problem here. Installing older versions is NOT a fix. Third time I can't use Spotify. It's starting to get really annoying.

Also fixed with an older version but I agree with other, this is not professional at all, from a pay musical platform.

I have also this problem since many weeks.

As others, I use it on a DELL PRECISION T1700 with Windows 7 Professionnel (64bits) as OS.

Hoping this will be fixed as soon as possible or I will unsubscribe myself from premium service.



Best regards,



I've searched everywhere on the internet, these forums, tried EVERY trick in the book, to solve the "This track is not available" issue. It has been KILLING ME. Spotify works on iOS and on my Mac, but will NOT work on windows, tells me every single track is unavailable, no matter what. FYI, running Windows 10, latest Spotify version.


I tried clearing AppData. I tried reinstall, rebooting 1000 times. I tried EVERYTHING. None of it worked.


Intalling this old version, WORKED, instantly!


Proven that Spotify is getting worse. The new version is a trash version, and I'm disgusted that dispute these bug reports, they will not acknoledge the issue they are aware of. They are too much of cowards to tell the users to downgrade their software. Shame on you.


Install this old version, and all is well. Thank you community. Shame on you Spotify.

It seems I have the same problem from now on. I am paying for the service and wonder how I cannot listen even one song. Now considering to cancel my premium service.

I'm having this problem every time I shut my computer down and restart it! I have to reinstall the older version of Spotify every time I shut down to be able to play anything! I only have the free service - was considering premium but there's no way I'm getting it until this problem is properly fixed! 



Operating System Version:Windows 7


Spotify Version:latest



So yesterday before the latest update I noticed that a couple of songs couldnt  be played and I was instead met with the message "This track is unavailable, if you have the file on your computer you can import it" as if I was offline. So I restarted Spotify and installed the latest update but I kept stumbling upon songs or whole albums that couldnt be played with the exception of one song that I have in one of my playlists and so I googled for a solution but found none. So I reinstalled Spotify and tried playing some songs but now NONE will play for the exception of ONE song on all of my playlists. I have not downloaded any songs and the ones I have on my computer work.

I can play any song inculding the ones not working on my computer by using the app on my phone.

I'm having the exact same problem. It started about 3 days ago. I have installed all updates but it seems like that made more songs unavailable! Help Spotify!!

Even when I downloaded the older version it still didn't work. It played for half a second then restarted and kept doing it not playing the songs. I can play spotify on every other device but my computer, this started today and it is quite frustrating...

Thanks for the solution!!!  This happened to me yesterday and I fixed the problem by un-installing Spotify and re-installing with the an older version.  Thanks!!!!!

I'm having the same problem! I had the entire soundtrack of "The Book of Mormon" on a playlist and now every single one of those songs are "unavaliable". 

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