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Title plays incorrect song

Title plays incorrect song

So Tyr's album By The Light Of The Northern Star has songs with wrong Title for example Turio Torkilsdottir actually plays By The Sword In My Hand and By The Sword In My Hand plays Ride. Hear the Heathen Call plays By The Light Of The Northern Star . So By The Light Of The Northern Star plays twice. I don't know if it's just me or not but it plays the wrong songs for the title. Anyways I can fix?  Please check if it's just me or if the song titles are wrong from the labeling


EDIT 1 : I confirmed that it's just me , I tried restarting the app still didn't work , any ideas?


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Hey, I get the same thing so I'm curious why you think it is just you? It looks like this is something which needs fixing and you can report content errors such as this using this form.

I was thinking that it's just my app that bugged that it's not up to the Spotify labeling. Of course the bug can happen to others but that's not what I meant.

Oh and I did report the error before I made this post.

Hello i found a title what  playing the wrong number: Tiger Rag and  When the Saints both of  Jan en Kjeld. Both numbers are switched. So please restore them. Thanx!!!!

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