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Unable to Delete Local Files

Unable to Delete Local Files

Plan Premium

Country  UK

Device Macbook Pro 2011

Operating System OS X El Capitain 


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I have read so many solutions to this and for me NONE have worked. 

I'm using the Spotify Desktop App and I cannot ......CANNOT remove any local files, making 6000 Songs unplayable. 

I had to save space on my Mac so I removed all the music & all iTunes and no, I will not be re-adding them. 


I have tried:  

- Unticking 'Local Files Source' in Settings

- Adding a new Local File Source  (this just adds and doesn't replace, I now have 6,050 Songs)

- Deleting every Cache/History,

- Deleting every BNK File, every Spotify related file in Library, C-Drive, HardDrive etc 

- Emptying the trash, uninstalling app and restarting Mac.  

- Reinstalled the App Serval times. 


Nothing has worked.

Send help or at least at the option to delete local files in next app update. 


See Screen Shot Below


Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 23.59.12.png
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