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When i turn down the volume with the shortcuts key the volume of my pc turn down. I want to turn down only spotify's volume


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Hey there @Tanke!


Can you please provide a bit more info on which short cuts you're using to change the volume level?



i use ctrl+arrow left and ctrl+arrow right to change the music. I use alt+arrow up to turn up the volume and alt+arrow down to turn down the volume

Hey @Tanke!


Please for a first basic step, reinstall Spotify as it tends to solve these kinds of issues.


Let me know how you did 😃

i have reinstalled spotify, nothing changed

Hey there,
thanks for getting back with me.

It seems as you windows volume settings are connected to you Spotify app somehow.
Please try to search you audio settings to disconnect the two.

Let me know how you did=)

In addition, i want to add this magnificant thread by @Sebasty as it might help to fix the issue you're having.


Waiting to hear how you did 😃

i don't know how to find that setting. Can you help me? 

Check out the last post i added, it sets all stages to change the settings we wish to try on your computer 😃
Waiting to see how you did!

OneByBoo sorry but i can't find that post 😞

Your last post is about "I’m unsure how to fix this issue ?"

ללא שם.jpg

I did all the things but nothing changed. The problem is still there

There's an app on the windows store that helps to modify the volume of each app opened, but I don't know if there's an option to modify it with a special key-command. The app is EarTrumpet. 


This is how it works, appears in the task barThis is how it works, appears in the task bar

DvZaba i tried that app but when i turn the volume down with the shortcuts key the system thinks that i want to turn down system's volume. You can see that spotify's volume is 88 as system's volume. 

Desktop Screenshot 2019.01.03 -


Tanke the specific problem that you have it's a tough one, but I think in 2 options.



Use the volume bar in the Spotify Connect option on your Smartphone (I use that for the issue that you have)





In EarTrumpet you can shift the output device for each app (ex. the sound of Spotify in a Bluetooth speaker and the Steam output sound in another one).


Right click on the app icon to open the menuRight click on the app icon to open the menuThe apps which plays each deviceThe apps which plays each device

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